10 Things You’ve Been Through Growing Up With Strict Parents


Chinese parents aren’t known for being lenient to their kids, but some parents are even stricter than others. How many of these can you relate to?


  1. You don’t bother bargaining. You know that when they say no, that’s their final answer. Appealing or challenging their decision would only lead to trouble.
  2. You cry out of frustration when your friends keep
    changing the details of your meet-up and you have to keep explaining to your parents what’s happening.
  3. Sex is definitely off topic. When anything sexual comes up on the TV, you rush to change the channel.
  4. You were expected to behave with exceeding manners at all times, but most especially when you parents have guests. You were the politest kid in your clique.
  5. You know that getting a tattoo or dressing up in skimpy clothing is tantamount to being disowned by your family.strict-parent
  6. You have to wait until your parents are in a good mood before asking them for an extra allowance or permission to go out with your friends.
  7. You get sick with anxiety when you go home past your curfew, even when you have a good excuse.
  8. You practically beg your friends to behave themselves on the rare occasions that they come over to your house.
  9. You’re careful with what you joke about, knowing that if you fail to make them laugh, you’re in for an hour-long sermon about appropriate subjects for humor.
  10. People often tell your parents what a wonderful, nice kid you are, and when you see the pride in their eyes, you light up inside too.


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