2 Music Companies Offer 4 Music Courses

Ocean Butterflies Music and Funkie Monkies Pop Music School—Singapore’s established music companies—offers music training programs to music talents. This is the first-ever partnership between the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), and the music sector.

This is pretty good news for music enthusiasts including the freelancers and professionals, as well as the newbies who wish to further enrich their knowledge on lyrics and melody writing, and also music arrangement.

Four Different Music Training Programs

Ocean Butterflies Music offers training courses in Songwriting and Composing, and Music Arrangement. Funkie Monkies Pop Music School offers Career in Hit Lyrics Writing and Career in Hit Melodies Writing.

Training Programs by Ocean Butterflies Music

In Songwriting and Composing, participants will learn the skills in writing songs. Under Music Arrangement, participants will gain further knowledge on how to arrange a song. Also in both courses, participants will acquire technical skills in Logic Pro and in Midi & Synthesis. These two courses are will last for six months with 300 hours each. Training cost is $9,000 per course.

Training Programs by Funkie Monkies Pop Music School

In Career in Hit Melodies Writing, participants will be trained by renowned local music producers and songwriters Jim Lim and Eric Ng. Lim and Ng will impart techniques in industry standard melody writing, how to write on demand, advanced chord theory, as well as aural training. This first course will last for nine months, and costs $3,150.

In Career in Hit Lyrics Writing, participants will be trained by Xiaohan—an award-winning lyricist. Xiaohan will impart the techniques in industry standard lyrics writing. Participants will also learn how to fill words into the tune and how to develop inspirations into lyrics. This second course will last for six months, and costs $2,100.

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