2013 Upcoming Mobile Phones

As an essential gadget in today’s times, mobile phones have become smarter and have surpassed its purpose for simple audio communication. Now, we use them to perform smart tasks like receive and send emails, make video calls, plan our schedule, maintain our online social networks and so much more. The upcoming phones of 2013 are especially built to accommodate today’s generation’s every demands and needs. Here’s a glimpse of the most anticipated smartphones from two of the best mobile phone brands.

Apple iPhone 6

Apple is expected to release new iPhone model within this year. Apple iPhone 6 is anticipated to possess drastic enhancements over the previous iPhone generations. The upcoming iPhone is will still run on Quad Core Processor with 12mp primary camera, NFC and LTE Support, and better battery life. But the rumoured main modification on iPhone 6 is the “home button.” It is said that the button will be placed on each side of the device rather than its usual placement at the bottom of the screen, thus offering more space to grace an all-new longer screen display. Though Apple iPhone 6 launch date hasn’t been declared yet, it is expected to come on the last quarter of 2013.

Samsung Galaxy SIV

Samsung Galaxy series has already sold almost 100 million units, which only show how popular Galaxy series is. Samsung Galaxy SIV is yet another big thing to conquer the market for Android and Samsung. The upcoming Samsung mobile is immensely anticipated especially after the success of its antecedent model, Samsung Galaxy SIII. Samsung Galaxy S IV is said to run on Quad Core Processor with 2GB RAM and a Super AMOLED 5-inch screen. The new Galaxy phone is set to be launched on second quarter of 2013.

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