3 DIY Face Masks for Your Skin

Getting glowing, blemish-free skin takes a lot of work. Many women use different products, such as eye creams or acne spot correctors, for each beauty problem. Most women also invest money in facial treatments in order to get beautiful skin straight from the experts. In other words, a beautiful skin does not only take a lot of work but also a lot of money.

Girl witn facial mask and cucumber on her eyes

Good thing for thrifty ladies who like DIY projects there are natural facial masks that works just as well as expensive products, minus the harmful chemicals. Listed below are some of the most effective DIY face masks you can make yourself.

Vinegar Face Mask

Now, don’t be spooked by the vinegar without trying this face mask first. Using vinegar as a toner has been proven effective for centuries now. Mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water, gently apply to the face and let it dry. This face mask will tighten your skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Oatmeal Facial Mask


Got dull-looking skin? Whip up a mixture of half a cup of hot water to 1/3 cup of oatmeal, let it sit for a few minutes and then mix it with some plain yoghurt, honey and egg whites. This face mask will help your skin feel smoother and brighter.

Turmeric and Honey Face Mask

Acne scars can ruin a pretty face. Add some turmeric powder to honey and apply it to the whole face or as a spot corrector to your acne scarring. After a few weeks of daily application, you’ll notice that your pimple cars are getting lighter. Doing this for a couple of months will make your scars disappear.


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