3 Realities of Long-Distance Relationships


Love knows no boundaries – that’s what people usually say. It keeps your heart beating for someone you know you could never live without. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world – to love and be loved. It is the best experience one can have over and over again. Relationships comes in many form, and in many types. But a kind of relationship that a lot of couples struggle with is long distance relationship.


It is the kind of relationship where you don’t have the benefit of being with your other half from time to time, of not being there physically whenever they need someone to talk to, of not holding their hand when they feel like giving up, of not kissing their lips when they seem to be in doubt, and of not hugging them whenever they feel unsafe and unsure of the things around them.

Because of its difficulty, having a long distance relationship is one of the bravest things one can do in loving. Here are three realities that happens in long distance relationship:

  1. It makes you understand that distance is not a hindrance for love

The first things that scares everyone when it comes to long distance relationship is the distance itself. They are scared that with this separation of miles, the love will make fade slowly from time to time. That because of this distance, things will change and everything between you and your other half will turn into nothing but mere memories – frozen in time and frozen forever.

In truth, it’s really not the distance that scares people – it’s the idea of slowly losing that bond, slowly creating lose strings. But hey, if you are in a long distance relationship, just remember this, as long as you’re under the same sky and breathing the same air – then you and your partner will never be completely apart.

  1. It makes you realize that everything that is worth it – takes a lot of time

LDR helps you realize a lot of things in life – like the virtue of patience, the virtue of waiting for something magical to finally happen. Not everything can be given in a blink of an eye, everything needs to be worked out perfectly in time, shaped in for the near future and strengthen by the rages of time. When you are in this kind of relationship, you develop the patience to wait – that something will happen in the right time and in the right moment.

That you and your partner will never forever be separated because you know for a fact that the distance will have an end – in God’s perfect time, in God’s perfect ways. Because you know that the waiting will finally come to an end, that you will have a happy ever after together if you just learn how to wait.


  1. It makes you acknowledge the fact that without TRUST – love is definitely nothing

The most important reality being in a long distance relationship makes you realize that love, without trust, is nothing. Trust is the backbone of every kind of love may it be love for the opposite sex or the kind of filial love. In the case of long distance relationship, trusts is what keeps the couple together.

Without it, everything will fall apart, everything will have an end. Without trust, imagine what could happen – you could never have peace of mind whenever you partner tells you he/she is out for the night, you could never learn to trust his or her words when he or she says that he’s out with friends. Imagine the burden of loving without trusting.

It is like aiming to move without the fuel to move forward. Trust is what makes your partner feel safe, it is the reason why he/she continues to love you again and again. It is the force that keeps you together, the string that connects you to her, and him to you. It is the driving force of every dream and plans you both have made.

It is what keeps you both going. So if ever you are in a long distance relationship, a simple tip : Never lose the trust, and you will never lose that love because as the song goes, loving is not owning – learn to trust his words, and most especially learn to trust his or her love for you.


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