300: The Rise of an Empire

Are you wondering what to do over the weekend? You should not look far because 300: The Rise of an Empire is now showing in cinemas near you. If you liked the first instalment, you will surely enjoy the second one. On March 6, 2014, the movie raked $3.3 million worldwide.


That is only the first night. It is expected that over the weekend, the movie will make at least $40 million. The movie’s competitor is Mr. Peabody & Sherman. According to the projections, Mr. Peabody & Sherman will at least make $25 million in its first day. What should you expect in the movie?

Change of Heroes

King Leonidas is dead so it is expected that heroes will change. Spartans were dead in the Battle of Thermopylae. The new movie concentrates on a specific Athenians and its allies as they try to repel the Persian invasion.

Change of Characters

There are new characters in the movie. You will see the characters of Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton which are famous for their depictions of other films. You will surely be carried away with their acts. Without a doubt, you will appreciate the film.

Change of Setting

The geographic origin of the features soldiers (Sparta) may have change but the places are still shining. You will enjoy the movie if you try 3D. 3D will bring out more experience.

If you are not interested to watch the film, you can always look for other available films. Singapore has a lot of films to offer with modern movie houses. Singapore will not be behind, do not worry. You can watch the movie simultaneously with the world.


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