4 Tips for Finding the Work That You Love


How will you find a work that kindles your passion? These days, this seems to be the million dollar question. As it turns out, many Singaporeans are in this dilemma. Finding the work that you truly love is difficult and not having it can bring too much unhappiness at the end of the day.


With this in mind, it is important that you discover and find the work that you love. If you feel unhappy right now, stop wasting time and consider other career paths. Life is too short to live unhappily. When looking for new career, what should your basis be? With research, you will be surprised that there are many careers that relate to the things that you love to do.

  1. Recognise occupations that equal your interests

Others think that jobs are only money-generators. That is true but you cannot possibly continue if you do not have that inner drive aside financially. If you think that jobs are only money-generators, you are only happy every pay day but not every day.

There are many occupations out there so you only need to recognize your interests first. If you can, take career tests. Many online tools are readily available. This can help you in the process of self-discovery. Now that you know specific careers, it is time that you learn more about it like the description, salary grade and opportunities for future growth. Sometimes, you need first-hand experience so if you can find someone working in the same industry, ask for information so you will know if it will meet your expectations.

  1. Evaluate yourself

There is one person in this world that can tell you what you want to do with your life – that is you. You can evaluate yourself and see skills and strengths. Note that you should not rush things. Take time figuring things. You have to remember that you have transferable skills like communication, computer literacy, public speaking, conflict resolution and management.


  1. Develop experience and skills

You already chose a career but it turned out that you lack experience and skills. If this is the case, you should not despair because there are thousands of ways to gain the required skills. You can for example volunteer as an intern, look for resources in the community or even take classes.

  1. Get through the career transition

Remember that shifting career doesn’t happen overnight. It can be overwhelming sometimes but you should one goal at a time to ensure that your momentum is going. When you are in the new career, you have to ease slowly and take time to volunteer and network.


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