5 Amazing Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Think that hitting the gym is hard enough? Guess what, it’s even tougher when the weather beckons you to ditch the four corners and stale air of your gym in exchange for the sun and breeze outside. Nature has long been proven as a perfect buff-body training ground. Still not convinced? Then here are five reasons why it’s worth blowing off the dark, dreary corners of your gym and step outside.


  1. Helps in Fighting Workout Boredom. Bored with your gym routine? Try doing it outdoors. The change in your usual indoor routine, the new faces and the scenic shrubberies will surely keep you from getting bored of working out. Since you’re distracted with your surroundings, you’ll also become less aware of the effort that you’re putting in your routine, making it less gruelling for you. Who knows, you might even end up doubling your workout to 60 minutes without even knowing it.
  1. Burns Up More Calories. Sure, your gym machines did help a little in burning your extra calories, but exercising in a varied terrain of park will surely double the calorie burn that you get while running on a treadmill. All you’ve got to do is factor in the wind, the temperature and other external variables that could possibly help you in torching five to seven percent more calories.
  1. Saves Money. Gym memberships aren’t cheap. It might even be a real waste of money if you’re more of a no-show member. The same thing goes for investing money in a home gym. So start turning into outdoor exercising now not only to cut your fitness bills, but your cash on gas as well.

Jogging couple.

  1. Creates Positive Feelings. Exercising outdoors won’t just up your calorie burn, it can also cause you to feel euphoric and want to work harder. Aside from that, performing your routine outside also creates feelings of revitalization and positive thinking. In fact, simply doing a 30-minute walk in the park is already enough to make you feel less stressed.
  1. Allows You to Exercise Whenever You Want. Unlike your gym routine where you need to schedule classes and line up just to use an elliptical machine, exercising outdoors allows you to workout whenever and wherever you want. Just the perfect way to get fit, especially for people who are always on-the-go.

Although regularly going to the gym helps in burning calories, exercising outdoors give you more than just that. So pack up your things now, cancel your membership and start performing your workout routine outside the four walls of your gym.


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