5 Budget-Friendly Ideas That Will Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Spa  

After a tiring day at work, nothing’s more relaxing for your body and mind than a visit to the spa. However, a stay at a good spa can be quite pricey, and most of us would rather skip the trip and stay cosy at home instead.


Fortunately, it’s possible to turn your very own bathroom into a spa. All it takes is just a few items and some smart thinking to get that pampering, spa-like atmosphere.

1. Clean and Declutter – Spas look relaxing because of their cleanliness, so make sure your bathroom should be just as clean and organize. Take the time to scrub the tiles and organize your toiletries. When storing go-to toiletries, like cotton swabs and cotton balls, use clear glass jars to match the space’s clean look.

2. Light Scented Candles – A good-smelling space is a relaxing place. Scented candles will give your bathroom a warm atmosphere while providing your sense with a soothing smell. Make sure to choose scents that are not overpowering to your smell.

3. Add Music – Soaking in the tub for half an hour to an hour can be relaxing, but somewhat boring. To make long baths even more relaxing, plug your mp3 in a portable speaker and play your meditation playlist. With a calming backdrop, it’s easier to take relaxing baths as long as you can.


4. Install Towel Warmer – No one likes to wrap themselves in cold towels after a long, relaxing bath. So to retain the soothing effect of your hot bath, install towel-warming bars in your bathroom so that you can cosy in a warm towel after you get out of the bath. If you want a more elaborate towel-warming storage, this bathroom addition also comes in drawer styles.

5. Prepare Bath Goodies – In a tub tray, store your favourite bathing products together. By doing this, your bubble bath foam, bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, and soap are all within reach. Take this chance to toss out bathroom items that you no longer use. You might also want to add a glass of wine to your goodies for a more luxurious experience.


Getting the benefits of a luxurious spa in the convenience of your home isn’t as hard as you think. With a couple of additions and renovations, you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

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