5 Career Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making  

Ever felt like you’re not getting ahead at work even though you’re doing everything the best way you can? You could be doing some of these common career mistakes. Recognize and stop these bad habits to be closer to a better career.


  1. Working Without a Clear Goal

Yes, you have a great job, but what’s next? It’s not enough to just say you want “more”, you need to establish a clear idea of what “more” is. Are you aiming for a higher position? Do you want to gain more experience to be able to jump somewhere else with a much better pay? If you don’t set a clear target, it’s easy to get stuck in where you are at the moment.

  1. Taking a Job for the Money

Sure, a good salary is great. Since we need money to live, getting paid well is important. However, some people feel hesitant to leave their jobs because they feel like the pay is a big loss. When in such situation, don’t be afraid to trust your gut. Remember that happiness is a big factor in excelling at work.

  1. Ignoring Good Relationship

You might think that as long as you do your job well, everything else doesn’t matter. But work alone isn’t all that matters in being employed. To have a better work environment, pay attention to the relationships you have with your co-workers. In many cases, interpersonal relationships matter as much as performance.


  1. Getting Too Comfortable In Your Current Work

Many employees who have been working in a position for years find it really hard to let go and look for a new role. It is important to remember that we should continue growing, learning new skills, being up on technology, and being constantly flexible. It is when we mature we’ll be able to find our place in the career we choose.

  1. Letting Your Skills Go Out of Date

It is never too late to improve your skills. If you feel like you’re no longer growing in your current position, do something to rectify that. Talk to your employer about opportunities for professional development and skills training. Be prepared to explain how the company would benefit if they grant this to you.


If you realize you’ve been making these mistakes, don’t worry as these things won’t put an end to your career. In fact, knowing these things gives you an opportunity to make a change and head to a better future in life.

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