5 Signs Your Guy is Losing Interest in You


Is your beau being distant lately? When your partner shows some signs of aloofness towards you, it could be because he’s experiencing a rough time at something, or it could also be a sign that he’s no longer invested in your relationship the way he once was. To clue you in, we listed down some of the common signs that your significant other is already losing interest in you.

  1. He lessens the communication between you two

Ever heard of ghosting? That’s when a person stops calling you back or replying to your messages all of a sudden. If your beau starts cutting off any kind of communication between you two, then it’d be best that you rethink if you guys are really okay. Doing this will give you a chance to discuss anything that might be bothering him.

  1. He starts threatening you that he’ll leave you

Joking about this stuff is one thing, but meaning it is another. If he starts bringing it up when you’re having a discussion, then it might be because he’s considering that option. When your significant other starts threatening to leave you instead of fixing an issue, then he might no longer be as invested as he once was in your relationship.

  1. He picks a fight with you for no reason at all

Having an argument is just normal for any healthy relationship, but if your guy starts picking a fight with you for no reason at all, then he might be creating a drama to find an excuse to break off your relationship. It’s a passive-aggressive way of dumping someone, and can be psychologically and emotionally draining if you’re fighting on a daily basis.

  1. He stops being intimate with you

Another red flag to look out for is the loss of intimacy in your relationship. You’ll notice that you’ve lost the spark in the intimate touches – lingering kisses and hugs became short high-fives and awkward shoulder pats. If this happens, then it’s a sign that something is definitely wrong. Try rekindling the spark in your relationship by going on dates and getting intimate with each other.

  1. He starts becoming secretive

You still have the right to some privacy even if you’re already in relationship – but if your partner starts becoming secretive then he might be hiding something or is cheating on you. Having a sudden change in behaviour and hiding things from you is a clear sign that he’s not being loyal to you.

Finding out that your partner is no longer interested in you can be really heart-breaking – but by knowing these signs, you might just be able to fix the problem and save your relationship from falling apart.

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