5 Vitamins You Should Start Taking Now


Perhaps your mom always told you that beauty starts from within. Well, guess what? She couldn’t be more accurate, since what you put in your body will actually show up on the surface. Consuming too much fried food, for instance, causes the appearance of a pesky a zit. Now that you know the facts, be sure to work them to your advantage by eating healthy and incorporating the following vitamins into your diet to ensure a healthier, more beautiful you.

  1. Iron

Fun fact: Women lose iron every time they’re on their periods, so you know just why iron deficiency is the primary cause of thinning hair even in healthy women. To keep your strands healthy and strong, be sure to eat the green leafy veggies that you usually leave untouched on your plate.

  1. Lycopene

Aside from giving you a rosy complexion, eating tomatoes can actually help you fight sunburn and sun damage. This fleshy, red fruit is loaded with lycopene antioxidants that promote sun protection. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can already skip on slathering a good amount of sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays are more dangerous that you think, so layer up your protection.

  1. Biotin

Taking biotin as early as now is ideal for achieving that healthy hair and killer complexion combination. This vitamin is touted for its ability to regulate the body’s fatty acids, which helps in repairing brittle nails, dry hair and flaky skin. To get a good amount of this water-soluble vitamin, be sure to include almonds, romaine lettuce and walnuts in your meals.

  1. Vitamin K

Fragile capillaries that let blood leak into the skin is what causes those dreaded under-eye circles every morning. Fortunately, a study revealed that ample application of vitamin K is already enough to control blood clotting and block the seepage. So be sure to swipe a vitamin K-rich cream every night before hitting the sack.

  1. Vitamin A

Also known as retinoids, vitamin A derivatives are known for its ability to fade acne marks, reduce fine lines and smooth skin roughness. So make sure that you apply your retinoids regularly at night (sunlight inactivates vitamin A) and consume a good amount of cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and green, leafy veggies.

Nurturing one’s beauty starts from within, so ensure that you eat all the right food and take all the necessary supplements to get that natural glow from within.

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