A Question Boys Should Never Ask Their Girls

There are so many girls who like to talk about it together with their present boyfriend most especially when they want it. Be sure to listen to them because it might not happen again even if you want to talk about it.


What is the style of your boyfriend before?

Past relationship is a private thing for a woman. You don’t have to ask her that kind of question because she might feel that she is cornered. Actually, as much as they want, keep their past as a secret and they don’t want to remember any bit of it. One thing is for sure, they moved on and they want to ignore anything happen between his ex-boyfriend. Take this scenario. It’s painful to be left by a person you love and it’s more painful when you leave someone alone. So, as much as possible they don’t want to remember it.


Although you might think that she is hiding something when she doesn’t want to share her past, there are a lot of woman who does. And you should not prove it by trying this to your girlfriend. Take this seriously. Women don’t like discuss past relationship. Hence, respect them.

Furthermore, your girlfriend will talk about it while you are in the process of getting to know each other. She’ll talk about how she experienced the love that they have with her ex-boyfriend. There are a lot of things to share. It might make you smile because you will know that you are worth than the man she loved before or you might be hurt because there are things that only her past boyfriend can do and you cannot. However, you should not feel hurt because a man have different qualities; you just have to be yourself.

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