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How to Choose the Right POV for Your Article

Let’s say you’re a writer or for some reason have to write about a certain topic, what topic would you write about? This would be quite a wild question starting from out of the blue and deciding on what topic to write about but this could be an actual problem. You could even get writer’s block even before you start. Isn’t that something you would want to avoid? Well, it definitely is.

Thinking of the perfect title to write about is something that involves two factors, both yourself and the available material around you. But hey, there are many different forms of writing. Some people write about fantasy while others write about experiences or what we call, blogging. Some people write for a living and this is definitely something everyone should do once in a while. Not only does this improve your creativity but it also improves and gives you a unique perspective of the world.

Before everything else, you must always put into mind this factor: your relation to the topic.
We will only discuss your relation to the topic and not include the available material because all we are talking about topics that are personal. Your relation to the topic is very important because you have to choose whether or not you are writing from:

• Third Person
The third person perspective means that you are looking and observing things without having to get yourself personally involved with your topic. The third person perspective could be a great way to write about news or things that happen around you that may not necessarily affect you. An example of this is writing about how the Hawker Centers work.

• Second Person
This one is conversational but also leaves a little room for a healthy distance with the subject. Second person is a great way to get a somewhat personal but also a not-so-opinionated view of your topic. This one is hard to use because of how it is in the middle of being a hundred percent involved and a hundred percent detached.

• First Person
The first person perspective is the most involved and is usually the most dangerous. This is where most people mistake your opinion for calculated research. The first person perspective focuses on just the right amount of opinion while talking about a certain topic. Opinion is also the hardest information to digest because of how abundant they are. The danger in this though is putting your opinion out without actual basis. This happens a lot and has really mislead quite a few people.

Here are a lot of ways for you to be able to improve your writing especially when that piece of writing is something personal and important to you.

The 3 Trendies Careers in Singapore

The thing about careers is for you to land a god career, you should also put into mind your competition. Of course, for careers with fewer professionals and high demands, the easier it is to accelerate and succeed. Supply and demand is the law that dictates the value of everything. If there is an abundance of something, the value of that thing will automatically drop.

Why is this? Well, this is because people want what they can’t have. If we apply this to careers, we can say that companies need what they don’t have. Your value is determined by your ability to do things others can’t or you being the best compared to others. This is how a career is built. It takes years and years to perfectly mold someone into the person a certain company needs but then again, it is definitely worth it!

Sadly, career demands change over time but luckily for you, we have done our research on careers that are still going to be in demand for another 10 years, this is a great opportunity to start because although competition already exists, there are still ways for you to become irreplaceable in the eyes of the company.

Here are a few trendy careers in Singapore:

1. IT Security Consultant
Maybe you’ve always had your trust issues with your internet and would go to great lengths to protect you privacy. If yes, this is definitely a career path for you. IT security consultant is a job for those of you who can see pas the cracks of everything when others only see smooth walls. The good thing about this career path is that everyone is still trying to get online and this includes major companies. Once everyone is online, they need protection.

2. Quality Lead Manager
If you have an eye for finer quality and just won’t settle for less, this could be the perfect job for you! Being able to determine if a product is of low quality and high quality is a very important part of the company because nowadays, everyone wants to be better than everyone else without having to put out the most effort. Find better and more efficient ways to improve the quality of products for all of us!

3. Digital Marketing Manager
How long have you been using social media? If you’re able to use social media to your advantage and capturing everyone by attention, this job may be perfect for you! Of course popularity isn’t the only thing that’s important, it’s also in how you understand people and knowing what catches certain people’s attention.
There are so many other career paths in Singapore that you should check out but these three are so far the best trends going on right now!

Foot Reflexology: Solution to Insomnia

Foot reflexology is the study of foot reflex points to help cure the bodily stress that can cause pain, sleeplessness or other physical problems. This healing technique stimulates our own physical healing process. Reflexology can be a treatment to some medical conditions like insomnia by relaxing the body to relieve tension and stress.

Most people believe that insomnia is just the inability to sleep and rest but in fact, it can go beyond that. Mentioned below are some of the symptoms of insomnia which you might have been experiencing too.

1. Lying in bed for almost an hour but unable to sleep
2. Waking up without any reason during wee hours of night and having problems of going back to sleep again.
3. Waking up feeling un-refreshed and tired, and feeling the same thing all throughout the day.
4. You feel sleepy during the day when you shouldn’t be sleeping.

Lack of sleep for a day is not very harmful. The sleep pattern can be easily restored when you’re able to regain your bio clock again. But lack of sleep for how many days or weeks is a different thing.

People who have insomnia often say that the natural sleep has different satisfaction compare to the kind of sleep they get with sleeping drugs. That’s why most of them turn to foot reflexology to bring back their natural sleeping habit. There are certain reflex points on human’s foot that can be manipulated to increase physical and mental clarity. This reduces bodily stress so they can regain their healthy and restful sleep again.

How Reflexology treat insomnia?
Reflex points located in our toes links to our brain, which is the centre of all our actions. These are then stimulated to regain the sleeping habit of an insomnia patient.

In addition, the reflex point that links to the pineal gland is also treated. The hormone secreted by this gland, known as melatonin, affects the human sleeping pattern. There are also other more brain reflexes like the solar plexus, spine, respiratory and circulatory system that should be stimulated to clear up the imbalances leading the human body to a relaxed and healthier sleeping pattern.

Effective Reflexology Techniques
There are so many techniques used to renew body energy and relax pressured joints. Some of them include finger walking, and thumb walking. Consulting a professional reflexologist who knows what areas to avoid, what areas to work, and what techniques should be used, will guarantee you of getting back your great night’s sleep. The benefits of foot reflexology aid insomnia patients to cope up and relax under conditions of tension and stress. People who suffer from insomnia will experience better sleeping patterns, with uninterrupted longer rest cycles.

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Wedding Day

One’s wedding day is indisputably one of the most notable turning points in life. It’s not a surprise anymore to want everything to unfold perfectly when some brides envision — and plan — their dream wedding from their childhood days. In fact, it’s almost considered natural to want nothing but the best for that one special day. Even if you have never given it thought before, chances are you would still want this once in a lifetime event to be perfect. You wouldn’t want to remember your wedding day as the day of disasters and series of unfortunate events now, would you?

Brides tend to be very meticulous in planning every wedding detail from what kind of flowers to hold, what songs would play in the background, what bridal studio to book for the hair and make-up — some brides have it all prepared nine to twelve months before the actual day. Then again, it is only natural to want the best deal money could offer, since most of the time you are only to walk down the aisle once.

But given the most focus in the middle of all the wedding planning with in Singapore has to be the wedding dress, what the beautiful bride-to-be decides to wear as she walks down the aisle. The gown worn by the bride is considered as the true centerpiece of the day. All guests would glue their eyes on it as it makes a very tremendous impression regarding the wedding as a whole, which puts a lot of pressure on the dress shopping part.

An enjoyable experience

Sadly, a great number of brides find themselves disappointed when they go wedding dress shopping for the first time. In Singapore, most brides are unsatisfied for various reasons like conflicting appointment times, sample dresses that only look good on the mannequin and don’t even fit, and unfriendly shop assistants. With all that and more, it is easy to picture out how it can result to a shopping trip from hell.

But dress shopping is to be enjoyed and remembered fondly. Giving yourself plenty of time to browse around is one step towards having a great experience. Include in-between appointments such as having a quick lunch and drinks. It’s okay to take a break in the midst of decision-making, it will give you time to weigh your options without any toxic pressure on your shoulders.

If the fitters at the bridal boutique make you uncomfortable in any way, like being unfriendly or impatient, walk away. There are plenty of other shops scattered across the city which will give all their efforts to pamper you and make you feel special and valued before the big day. Your wedding dress is a considerable investment hence you have to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Shop early

Most wedding dresses are custom-made for personal use, unless you are interested in buying a ready-to-wear dress or a sample gown. It is still subject to alteration for several times once it arrives until the dress fits you like a glove. Companies observe different timetables when it comes to wedding dresses, as some turn around more quickly if need be while others don’t.

The solution? Shop early. Start browsing at least nine months before the wedding so you’ll have plenty time to spare for fittings. Being flexible over your dress choices will also give you an opportunity to look through more gown samples to find the ‘one’ perfect dress that is meant for you.

Some bridal boutiques get insanely busy around popular wedding months like June. Chances are fitters won’t give you enough time or attention as the shop is swarmed with customers, so avoid dropping by during the weekend or evenings if possible. If you can make some time within the week to do your browsing duties, you are most likely to be showered with all the salesperson’s attention.

Do your research

We live in a world where you can find a lot of things with just one click— make the most out of it. Research which salons and boutiques are appropriate for your budget. If something catches your attention, ask via email or landline first before setting an appointment. That way, you will have your initial questions answered.

Looking up “bridal studio” or “bridal shops” on the internet will lead you to choices nearby. Boutique salons abode Singapore urban shopping districts as well as department stores and full-scale malls. Checking a shop’s website if they have one is also ideal for you to read on about the services they offer.

Recommendations from people you know are also helpful. If a friend or a loved one has a pleasant experience with a boutique wedding shops in the past, that would be great in narrowing down your searches. If you know any past brides, ask them about shops which gave them impeccable service and make appointments. Choosing from three to four shops is enough. It will provide ample choices saving you the hassle of having too many to pick from.

It is important to give yourself options to choose from as well as lots of time to think it over before you buy your wedding dress. Even if you think you have found your gown — give it time to be sure it is the ‘one’ that is right for you. It pays to be practical in situations like this considering dresses are not cheap. Most bridal gowns are custom-made, so shops have a no-return policy specified in their contracts.

Always trust your instincts. If you can picture yourself wearing a certain gown as you walk down the aisle, take a deep breath and add it under your list. Move on to the next one if it doesn’t suit your tastes. Eventually, your list will narrow down to one as your search reaches its end. All these efforts will be worth it once your wedding day arrives!

*This list is compiled in no particular order.

Why Travelling Solo Is Better for People in Relationships

Being in a relationship is beautiful, but going solo sometimes reminds you of the things that you tend to forget when you are committed. Travelling alone every once in a while is like looking at yourself in the mirror and broadening your experiences in ways you never thought you can do.

1. There’s no need to compromise.
When you’re in a relationship, you always consider your partner in every decision you make. Travelling solo is the only time in your relationship life when you’re able to decide only for yourself. No need to compromise to meet other people’s wants and needs. You’re free to decide whether to stick to an itinerary or just go with the flow, move at your own pace and go to places whenever you want to. When you’re travelling alone, you just can have it all.

2. You get to know yourself more.
Dating can take away your sense of self, especially in the early stages of the relationship. You may be easily influenced by your partner, and in result lose your individuality unconsciously in the process. However, when you travel alone, you get the chance to just be yourself fully and even discover more things about yourself in ways you cannot do when you’re tied closely with another person.

3. It makes your relationship stronger.
When you survive this, your relationship becomes even stronger. Letting your partner travel alone is the ultimate test of your love, loyalty and trust or each other. The biggest worry people have with travelling solo is that it gives room to temptation and infidelity. Trust is essential, and travelling solo is a great way to cement this in your relationship.

4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
This isn’t just an old adage; it’s actually supported by researches. In fact, according to the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, couples in long distance relationships have healthier communication, more intimacy and better overall relationship satisfaction. Well, that’s no wonder, though. Missing someone surely fuels up the fire.

5. There’s someone waiting for you to come home.
This one is self-explanatory, and perhaps is the best one in this list. Having someone waiting for you at the airport—ready to welcome you home with hugs and kisses—is something to look forward to at the end of your trip, doesn’t it?

Doing things alone doesn’t mean you no longer want to be with your S.O. In fact, this could mean the opposite: you want to cultivate the love and trust you share with your partner to strengthen and encourage growth in your relationship.

5 Private Islands You Can Actually Afford to Rent

Private islands for rent are exclusive for the rich, right? Wrong! Although most private islands are usually in the range of rich and famous, there are still many less pricey options out there.

If you and your gang are looking for a place to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, consider these affordable yet majestic island destinations.

1. Tahiti Island, Nicaragua
This beautiful island destination features a fully-furnished home, a pool and an amazing terrace that’s perfect for R&R and cocktail nights. You can own this island for $205 (S$291) a night with 10 of your friends. Do the math, and you’ll be surprised how cheap it is if you break it down per person.

2. El Nido, Philippines
Situated near Palawan, Philippines, this small island has the essentials if white sand beaches, a forest, hiking paths and a breathtaking view of the vast turquoise ocean are your idea of a summer getaway. The island includes a house that can accommodate 10 persons, with a nightly rate for as low as $381 (S$540)—that’s around $38 a head!

3. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Live your luxurious dream of owning two islands for the price of one. For just $971 (S$1,376) a night, you can own Ilha Grande islands connected by a bamboo ridge. The four-bedroom house in the first island and the two-bedroom house in the second island surely make plenty of room for your squad of 10. Price seems too steep? Whittle it down by diving it with your party.

4. Petit St. Vincent, Grenadine Islands
For about a thousand dollar (that’s around S$1,400), you can already explore the pristine waters and stroll in the white, sandy shore of the island. Petit St. Vincent is a paradise of greenery, clear blue water and pearly white, sandy beaches. Rent the paradise with nine of your friends, and forget for a while the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Vesteroy, Norway
This Norwegian private island is perfect for couples who wouldn’t mind living off the grid for a few days. You and your beloved will surely have some quality time with no internet connection in the island. But don’t expect modern amenities with $120 (S$170) a night. The cute home, peaceful view and quiet atmosphere will give you the tranquillity you want.

This summer, you might want to try something new. Instead of going to tourist laden destinations, explore the serene beauty of private islands and give yourself the peaceful R&R it truly deserves.

What Happens During Car Servicing

Car servicing is an essential part in keeping your vehicles in good condition at all times. This practice will extend the life of the car, help avoid accidents and unexpected breakdowns, and protect your investment.

Car servicing in Singapore will be recommended by your car manufacturer or dealer whenever you buy a new unit. Car servicing includes car maintenance, car repair, car workshop and cleaning and inspection.

Benefits of Car Servicing

Car maintenance will help you keep the car in good condition for years until you decide to replace it or sell it. If you do sell it, the car could fetch a higher price by maintaining its value.

There will be fewer instances of breakdowns. Don’t you hate it when you’re about to leave for an important event only to know that your car is having tantrums? You can avoid car breakdowns in the future if you have it serviced as scheduled.

Not only will it be safer to drive, but it’s also fuel-efficient. You might think that having your car checked is an expensive obligation, but in the long run you will realize that you have saved money because the car is running efficiently.

Types of Car Servicing Packages

Car servicing in Singapore is usually done in packages. The type of service at in Singapore you will get depends on how long you have been using the car or the total distance traveled by the vehicle. You can also consult the car’s handbook or ask the dealers about the ideal service for your car.

1. Interim Car Servicing is recommended for high-mileage drivers who drive at least a total of 20,000 miles every year. That means that you have to have your car maintenance twice a year, ideally every 6 months.

During an interim service, the car will be checked for worn out tires, leaks, faulty lights, and then the oil will be changed. The fluids used in the car such as brake, power steering and car coolant will be topped up or filled if necessary. The other services will depend on the packages included in the car servicing, so be sure to ask what is included.

2. Full Car Servicing is needed when you have driven the car for 12 months or for a total of 12,000 miles. For cars that always travel long distances, this should be the best option. Other car workshop, however, will recommend this for cars which have low annual mileages. Confusing? Well, the service shop will know what to do once they expect the car, so don’t worry. Full car servicing in Singapore includes more checks and car maintenance that those listed in an interim service.

Interim Car Servicing

Generally, all car servicing shops in Singapore will do checks on levels of fluids, wash the exterior of the car, check the engines, plugs and filter, test the batteries, and inspect the tires and lights. The following might also be done during an interim car service.
3. Check the exhaust emissions
4. Inspect the level of axel oil and gearbox oil
5. Check the handbrake operation
6. Check the timing belt interval
7. Visual check the bodywork, mirrors and others
8. Ensure that the warning lights are working
9. Inspect all the seatbelts
10. Make sure that the interior and exterior lights are working
11. Check all the windscreen wipers, rear view mirror and washers
12. Make sure the fuel cap is on
13. Check the air filter
14. Check the fan and auxiliary belts
15. Check or clean the air-conditioning system of the car
16. Inspect the power steering
17. Make sure the battery is working
18. Ensure that the clutch works fine
19. Check for corrosion
20. Check the steering and suspension
21. Engine oil is replaced if needed
22. The exhaust system is visually checked
23. Note the leakages
24. Check the tires, fuel lines, hoses, brake pipes, handbrake, and brake pads
25. Check the drums and discs

Full Car Servicing

To ensure that you’re getting all the necessary services the first time you drive into car servicing shops in Singapore, follow the checklist below for a full car service. A full car service includes those listed above as well.
1. Check the engine cooling fan as well as the coolant system
2. Replace the air filter
3. Check the condition of the distributor cap
4. Check the door hinges, locks and catches
5. Note the operation of the throttle
6. Inspect the gearbox mounts and engine
7. Test the security of the starter motor
8. Inspect the coolant pipes and radiator
9. The wheels are checked
10. The rear and front brakes are checked
11. The wheel bearing are inspected to make sure they don’t make noises

First Time in Car Servicing

Some of the names might be new to first time car owners. Here is a more detailed information on common car servicing, car maintenance and car repair procedures.

1. Tire Pressure

The tires should be checked for their pressure to make sure you’re running on a good set of wheels. Why? Correct tire pressure will help make your car run on fuel economically, there is better handling and cornering without having to worry about safety, and it will increase the tire’s lifespan.

2. Air-Conditioning

Making sure that the air-conditioning system is running will ensure that you are using the gases efficiently. There might be leaks that will affect the correct temperature inside the car as well as produce unwanted smells.

3. Brakes

Brakes that work in top condition can save lives. Make sure that your brake pads and brake discs get regularly inspected as well.

4. Exhausts

Car mechanics recommend that the exhaust should be checked when the car has traveled for a total of 10,000 km. Regular car servicing will ensure better fuel efficiency and a less noisy engine.

5. Batteries

The car batteries should be tested and replaced if necessary so that you can keep driving safely. A breakdown could potentially be disastrous especially if you have important meetings and work that needs to be finished.

Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Sensitive Skin

Even the most sensitive of skin types need some exfoliation. In fact, pushing your skin to renew and regenerate itself is necessary to make it stronger in the long run – and what’s better news is, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or scrubs just to do it. With that in mind, we listed down some of the alternative ways on how you could possibly exfoliate your skin without irritating it.

1. Use Peeling Gels
You might be turned off when you see the word “peeling”, but these cleansers are actually pretty gentle. All you’ve got to do is gently massage the gel on your skin for a few seconds or until your dead skin starts forming small clumps that you can just wash off.

2. Muslin Cloths
There’s no need for you to use harsh scrubs just to exfoliate your skin regularly. If you need to go the gentle route, simply use a warm muslin cloth to wipe away the excess product after cleansing. It is old school, but effective.

3. Konjac Sponges

Sponges aren’t only great for dishwashing or applying makeup, and that’s what konjac sponges will prove to you. Use it to lightly scrub your face while you’re cleansing before rinsing the foam off like usual.

4. Pore Brushes
A much neater alternative to sponges and cloths are pore brushes. Found mostly in Korean beauty stores, pore brushes are known for their soft bristles that gently rubs off the dead skin cells. They also push your facial was into the inner nooks and crannies to enjoy a deeper cleanse.

5. Chemical Exfoliant
Unlike the previous beauty products we mentioned, a chemical exfoliant use exfoliating acids to rub off dead skin cells. For instance, glycolic acid exfoliates the topmost layer of your skin to refine the skin texture and unclog pores – and it does all that without rubbing or tugging the skin. But even if they’re deemed perfect for exfoliating your delicate skin, avoid using them on a regular basis. Your skin needs to build a tolerance for the acid to work.

Exfoliation is crucial even for the most delicate skin type. It’s necessary to get rid of the dead skin cells and give you a glowing complexion. So be sure to try out any of the aforementioned exfoliation tools and chemicals the next time you decide to exfoliate your sensitive skin.

Smart Shopping 101: 4 Techy Ways to Save Time Grocery Shopping

I did not like the amount of time I used to spend on grocery shopping. The long search for certain items, the inability to check the store’s online inventory, and even the stressful parking felt like they were consuming a lot of my energy. Fortunately, there are now new and techy methods that allow consumers to save time grocery shopping. By using the following ways, you can now spend more time doing the things that you love.

1. Check the Store’s Inventory Online
A lot of big-box retailers now have online in-store inventory. You can check the nearby location of these stores through their websites, or use mobile apps like Google Shopping. All you’ve got to do is check the “available nearby” option on the left part in Google Shopping search to only search for local stores. This local-first start-up will search across local and known stores in just a single search.

2. Perform an Item Search on Your Phone
The major pain I have in grocery shopping is walking up and down every aisle just to look for a particular item. Fortunately, a good number of local stores in Singapore are now publishing their product inventories online. Although you might need to install the mobile app of that particular store get its full functionality, these websites provide limited searching of the items you need. Some even provide a map with complete directions to lead you to the right lane and shelf.

3. Keep a Grocery List on Your Phone
There are several mobile apps like Anylist or Out of Milk that help maintain an active grocery list. All you’ve got to do is add an item to your mobile list when it’s about to finish. If you need the same items every week, then all you’ve got to do is copy the same list from your last trip to the grocery store.

4. Avail of Grocery-Delivery Services
Don’t have enough time to go grocery shopping? If so, then make great use of your shop’s grocery-delivery services. A good number of start-up and large stores are already offering this type of services. It often comes with a charge, but some offer free delivery for the first few months. Even with additional charges, opting for home delivery will save you more time if you just purchase everything together using your mobile grocery list.

Grocery shopping used to be so tedious, but thanks to the new and techy methods available in the market today, you can already save a lot of time in purchasing the things that you need.

Why Having a Local Bucket List is a Good Idea

Regardless if you call it a bucket list or a to-do list, we all want to keep track of the things we want to do and see at some point in our lives – be it attending a colour fun festival or seeing Mount Fuji in person. Yet, not all worthwhile dreams and pursuits need to be far from home. While international trips are extremely fun, there’s also a lot to be said for touring your own city. If you’re still unconvinced, here are some reasons why having a local bucket list can be a good idea.

1. It Encourages You to Be Adventurous

It’s quite easy to say, “I’ll visit that soon,” if you live near a particular tourist spot, but this kind of mind-set is what actually causes you to never visit that particular sight. If you have a local bucket list, however, you’ll be required to get out and tour your own city – even if you are living in the place indefinitely. If you decide to move out eventually, that list will help you savour your last days in the city instead of forcing to visit the places you’ve put off in the last minute.

2. It Helps in Keeping Things Fresh

Most of us tend to fall into the habit of frequenting a particular coffee shop or restaurant, thus neglecting other potentially great places in the area. While it’s completely okay to support your favourite local shops in Singapore, you should also consider dining or visiting a new place each month. If you drink coffee on a daily basis, visit a new café once a week; if you tend to treat yourself less often, simply adjust your plan according to your schedule.

3. It Prompts You to Be Grateful

The world is a big and beautiful place, and enjoying a culture that’s nothing like your own will certainly be an invaluable experience. However, we often spend a lot of time dreaming about our next destination that we forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Creating a local bucket list is one way of correcting that and practising gratitude for all the great things that we have even without boarding a plane.

4. It Trains You to Be an Excellent Host

Creating (and completing) a local bucket list provides you with amazing ideas of the things to do when your family and friends visit you. While it’s fun to show your local favourites to your visitors, you can also use them as an excuse to try out something new. Also, if someone visits you quite often, then he or she would surely want to experience a little novelty every now and then.

Having a local bucket list is one of the best ways to discover new things about the place you’re living in, as well as to appreciate your own culture. So be sure to create and complete one before you start travelling internationally.

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