Baby-Proof Your Home

6 Baby Proofing Tips to Prepare Your Home for Your Baby

Baby proofing your home may seem odd when your baby can’t even play around yet, but you might be surprised as to how soon he might go around and get into things. So, take time to baby proof your home before your little one starts to crawl, or better yet, even before he arrives.


  1. Tie Down Your Furniture. One of the important things you should secure when you already have a child is your furniture. Tie down your TV, dressers, bookshelves, and other heavy furniture in the rooms where your child will mostly be left alone. Also, place some corner bumpers on furniture that have sharp edges to avoid accidental injuries in case your child falls off.
  1. Secure Your Toilet. While you might not see your toilet as one of the hazards, the toilet lid and the water in the bowl can actually pose some danger to a curious child. Prevent potential problems by always keeping the toilet lids down and securing it with a lid lock.
  1. Fasten Cords Against the Wall. Another important thing to keep away from your curious child are the cords. Purchase cord holders to hold the longer cords of your appliances against your walls. This way, your child won’t be able to tug on any electrical wiring, keeping him safe from equipment falls caused by a few cord tugs.


  1. Keep the Medicines Off Sight. Since you already have a little kid wandering around the house, keep your medicines managed by storing them in a high and locked cabinet. Also, avoid taking any medicine in front of your kid as he might imitate you later on. If possible, get rid of the medicines that you’ll no longer use through a drug take-back program.
  1. Cover Up Electric Sockets. Protect your baby from electric shocks by covering any exposed sockets. Purchase childproof covers to avoid any choking hazard in case your child managed to pull them out. For an added protection, you can also place large furniture to cover the outlets.
  1. Practice Toy Safety. Your child’s toys should be safe for him to play around. Its size should be larger than his mouth to prevent any choking incidents. Also, ensure that the different parts attached to each toy are securely fastened and won’t be easily torn off.

In your baby’s eyes, your house is a big playground and the best way to let your baby enjoy that playground is to keep it safe from any possible harm. So, keep your baby protected and start baby proofing your home as early as possible.


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