Bar Soap vs. Body Wash – Which One Should You Choose for Your Skin?

Showering is a daily essential in terms of keeping good hygiene, but the body cleansers that you put on your body every day may need a little more scrutiny if you’re planning on getting only the best products available for your everyday needs.

When it comes to choosing between bar soap or body wash, there are a few differences and advantages that each one has over the other.

What is Bar Soap?
Soap is essentially the resulting alkaline salts of fatty acids that have a pH balance between 9 and 10, which is necessary for getting rid of the sebum, dead cells, and dirt that has accumulated over the skin throughout the day.
However, this can also strip away much of the necessary oils and moisture that keep the skin healthy.

Not all bar soaps are the same – there are actually different types of bar soaps that are suited for different skin types based on the oils, fats, and alkaline chemicals used to make them. Most translucent soaps manufactured today, for instance, are made with glycerin to even out the drying effects and help lock in moisture.

What is Body Wash?
While bar soap is made of fatty acids, body wash is essentially a liquid cleaner that has a thick consistency and texture, especially when compared to things like shower gel. They are designed to be a more moisturizing and hydrating alternative to bar soaps, and are often marketed to children and people who have sensitive skin.

This is because body wash contains certain skin-softening compounds called emollients, and many newer body wash formulas produced today can even incorporate certain skin ointments that can be absorbed by the skin to lock in moisture.

Most people who have sensitive skin or whose skin dries out quickly and easily can avoid over-drying by using body wash, as they tend to not have the pH levels that draw out the natural oils that your skin naturally secretes.

Which One Is Best For My Skin?
Mild body cleansers are the safest bet if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and cheap alternative to cleaning your skin. The good news that you can get from this is that most of the soaps you see in the grocery aisle are often formulated for normal skin types and are meant to be as general-purpose as possible.

However, you should be particularly picky when you have sensitive skin or are suffering from any skin maladies that may need medical attention. If you’re not sure which one to choose, consider contacting your dermatologist to know what cleaning product should best go with the skin type that you have.

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