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5 Vitamins You Should Start Taking Now


Perhaps your mom always told you that beauty starts from within. Well, guess what? She couldn’t be more accurate, since what you put in your body will actually show up on the surface. Consuming too much fried food, for instance, causes the appearance of a pesky a zit. Now that you know the facts, be sure to work them to your advantage by eating healthy and incorporating the following vitamins into your diet to ensure a healthier, more beautiful you.

  1. Iron

Fun fact: Women lose iron every time they’re on their periods, so you know just why iron deficiency is the primary cause of thinning hair even in healthy women. To keep your strands healthy and strong, be sure to eat the green leafy veggies that you usually leave untouched on your plate.

  1. Lycopene

Aside from giving you a rosy complexion, eating tomatoes can actually help you fight sunburn and sun damage. This fleshy, red fruit is loaded with lycopene antioxidants that promote sun protection. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can already skip on slathering a good amount of sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays are more dangerous that you think, so layer up your protection.

  1. Biotin

Taking biotin as early as now is ideal for achieving that healthy hair and killer complexion combination. This vitamin is touted for its ability to regulate the body’s fatty acids, which helps in repairing brittle nails, dry hair and flaky skin. To get a good amount of this water-soluble vitamin, be sure to include almonds, romaine lettuce and walnuts in your meals.

  1. Vitamin K

Fragile capillaries that let blood leak into the skin is what causes those dreaded under-eye circles every morning. Fortunately, a study revealed that ample application of vitamin K is already enough to control blood clotting and block the seepage. So be sure to swipe a vitamin K-rich cream every night before hitting the sack.

  1. Vitamin A

Also known as retinoids, vitamin A derivatives are known for its ability to fade acne marks, reduce fine lines and smooth skin roughness. So make sure that you apply your retinoids regularly at night (sunlight inactivates vitamin A) and consume a good amount of cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and green, leafy veggies.

Nurturing one’s beauty starts from within, so ensure that you eat all the right food and take all the necessary supplements to get that natural glow from within.

The Most Nourishing Fruits – Ranked


Gaining weight should not be your priority unless you are actually recommended to do that. Some Singaporeans are engulfed with losing weight that they scour all books and magazines just to know which are pop or flop. There is nothing wrong with that. In order to be healthy, you need to take a closer look at the foods you consume.

For those who are doing their best not to gain weight, they should know that there are fruits that are most nourishing or filling. These fruits will fill your plate but definitely it will not fill your pants. Here are the most nourishing fruits based on their fiber and water content:

  1. Avocado: Who would have thought that avocado is a miracle fruit? It is ranked on top because it contains tons of nutrients. In the case of avocados, the fiber per 100 grams is 6.7 and the water content is 73%. In fact, half of it provides at least 25% of the daily recommended intake.


  1. Dates: People on diet do not consider dates because it contains 66 calories and about 16 grams of sugar in just a pop. However, it is not necessary to eliminate dates. Its fiber per 100 grams is 6.7 and the water content is 21%.


  1. Raspberries: Raspberries are low in sugar and calories so you can just pop many. Actually, its fiber per 100 grams is 6.5 and its water content is 86%. This fruit is an excellent choice for those who are following a strict low-carb diet.


  1. Blackberries: Blackberries are famous because it is high in antioxidant. In fact, it can ward off illnesses plus it is packed with fiber. The fiber per 100 grams is 5.3 while the water content is 88%.

  1. Cranberries: Cranberries are actually consumed by early settlers because it helps them fight off disease. In fact, some studies claim that it can actually decrease your chances of cancer. Its fiber per 100 grams is 3.6 and the water content is 87.3%.


  1. Banana: Bananas are common here in Singapore and you can find it in every household table. If you are trying for flat abs, bananas will be your great partner. Its fiber per 100 grams is 2.6 and the water content is 75%.


  1. Blueberries: Another berry on the list, the blueberry will never miss it. It is common in supermarkets. Its fiber per 100 grams is 2.4 and the water content is 84%.


  1. Apples: Take note that you should apples with skin because its fiber per 100 grams is 2.4 and the water content is 85.5%. Do not peel it if you want to get most of the nutrients.

Recommended Foods for Menopausal Women


You heard about menopause here in Singapore thousands of times and you probably talked to a lot of women who endured it. Though some do not think highly of it, you have to understand that it is part of life. This means that you will experience it at some point in your life – probably when you reach between 49 to 52 years old.

Menopause is also called climacteric. It is the time when the menstrual period of women stops and that they can no longer bear kids. What are the signs? Doctors say that if you do not experience vaginal bleeding for over a year, you are probably in that stage. Other signs include hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness and change in sleeping pattern.

Getting older is indeed a gruelling process however you have to be thankful for the gift of age and wisdom. You can give back by ensuring that you eat the right kind of foods. When you age, your ultimate goal should be health and wellness. You can begin by being aware of the foods to eat.

Here are the things that you should eat:

  • Flaxseed: You haven’t thought about flaxseed all your life but it is time that you realize how it can help you. Flaxseeds are excellent source of estrogenic-like compounds. These compounds can help you with hormonal changes and as a result it can prevent constipation and even heart disease. Before actually eating it, you need to grind it first and store it in the fridge to keep them from turning harmful.


  • Almonds: Hormonal changes are inevitable like plunging of oestrogen levels. The good news is that almonds can help you with improving your oestrogen levels. Almonds are safe to consume even if you eat it every day. Keep in mind that almonds produce healthy fats that can fight against effects of low oestrogen plus it is high in riboflavin, vitamin E complex and vitamin E complex for vascular integrity.

  • Eggs: You need more vitamin D, B vitamins and iron which are all found in eggs. Actually, everything you need to be strong as well as lively is packaged in your eggs. It should be organic though so be watchful.


  • Fruits: Fruits are your natural alternative if you are craving for something sweet. Fruits are good because it is packed with antioxidants, fiber and water that will fill your body. However, you should limit eating fruits to two servings per day to avoid accumulating too much sugar.


  • Vegetables: Who would forget about vegetables? Vegetables are known for its low calorie content which can help you with decreasing the chances of gaining weight.

Heart Strong: Unique Ways to Keep a Healthy Heart


Scientifically speaking, our heart is the center piece of our cardiovascular system and it is the vital source of life in our body from flow of oxygen to proper functioning of our immune system. Now, our food and lifestyle can greatly affect the general health of our heart, but psychological wellness can also dramatically influence its wellness.


In Singapore, 15 people die every day due to cardiovascular disease while in 2014, 29.9% cases of death due to this reason has been accounted. But cardiovascular disease remains an important issue in Asia as half of the world’s population is living from Asian countries.

While there are dietary measures to prevent heart disease, some unique ways of avoiding it can lead to healthier and happier hearts, too:

  1. Indulge in 70% dark chocolate. Chocolate is one of the common foods that are rich in Flavanols, a plant chemical found in cocoa/chocolates which have antioxidant power. Antioxidants help our body’s cells to protect themselves against being damaged caused by free radicals and contaminants in the environment such as cigarette smoke.

Also, Flavanols have other potential apart from protecting cardiovascular system, they also help lower the blood pressure, improve flow of blood to the heart and brain while making blood platelets less sticky thus, avoiding clots.

  1. Make an inventory of your stress. Feeling stressed? One way of releasing yourself from stress is to write down the negative things that cause it, doing so can make you feel better. Also, you can try to relax your shoulders, neck, breathe in and out and stretch those muscles. After all, relaxing is good for the heart and soul.


  1. Spend time with friends and family, smile, laugh and have a great time. Socializing brings out positive energy and it is good for the heart!

Beautiful family portrait spending time together at home

  1. Exercise your heart. You may want to leave your car at home and try a different transportation to where you need to go. You can try cycling or walking to get yourself some hearty exercise. Also, joining a walkathon or fun run can get your feet with motivation, sign up for fun, exercise and a cause.


  1. Prioritize oral hygiene. The way to a healthier heart is through good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing your teeth can leave you with good oral health and it can absolutely reduce the risk of getting a heart attack. Over the years, researchers have found the relationship between gum and heart disease.


  1. Cuddle and give more hugs. Embracing or giving a tight squeeze to someone is known to reduce blood pressure as it releases oxytocin hormone. In psychology, it is known as a powerful hormone as its levels shoots up when we kiss or hug a loved one, so make sure to cuddle with a person you trust and care about!