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Taking Care of Original Oil Painting

Though we don’t have Picasso’s or Pollack’s oil paintings hanging on the walls of our homes, many of us probably have at least one original oil painting. Whether it is just something we bought from an antique oil painting Singapore shop like vinci arts last summer or an undiscovered art piece passed on through generations, oil paintings are quite delicate and need extra care to handle. Without proper knowledge on how to handle it, an oil painting can easily deteriorate over time.


Moving the Painting Safely

Taking good care of a painting starts with careful transport. The moment the painting is bought up to the time it is proudly hung on the wall of your home, extra caution should be applied in both transporting and handling the piece.

In bringing the artwork home after the purchase from vinci oil painting gallery in Singapore by seating it at the back of the car, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be just thrown and left bouncing on the seat as you drive all the way home. Before, driving away, make sure that painting is well-wrapped, cushioned, and protected from humidity, moisture, and extreme temperature they can possibly encounter during the transportation. And because oil paintings have the tendency to crack when exposed to extreme weather conditions, it would be ideal to transport oil paintings in moderate weather like in Singapore.

Hanging the Painting

Many Singapore homeowners hang their artworks to accentuate room furniture or just to fill in an empty wall. Not planning well the location of the painting may only damage the delicate piece of art. Here are the factors you should consider before hanging your artwork.

  • Display away from temperature extremes. Oils paints crack when exposed to extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. To avoid this, do not hang your painting in the bathroom, in areas near the fireplace, air conditioning vents, near windows or doors, or on areas where there’s direct sunlight.
  • Display in areas away from airborne pollutants

Over time, airborne kitchen grease and oils, particles from fireplace, tar from cigarettes, fly droppings, and oily road dust may attach and accumulate to the painting’s surface. To avoid damages from these pollutants, display oil paintings in areas where the air is clean.

  • Capacity of Frame Hanger

The ideal way of hanging a Singapore painting is with the use of hooks instead of big nails. The hooks should be attached directly to the wall stud and in the appropriate size for the amount of weight they will be supporting. It would be best to use two hooks for every frame to securely support and straighten out the oil paintings.


Care for the Oil Painting

To dust away particles on the Singapore painting, use a clean and soft bristled watercolor brush or a soft feather duster that is just for cleaning the paintings. Be very careful and do not to touch the canvas with your fingers. If the vinci art gallery painting is damaged for unknown reason, let the cleaning be done by a professional painting restorer who has both equipment and skills needed to clean, repair, and preserve oil paintings.