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Best Ways to Exfoliate Your Sensitive Skin

Even the most sensitive of skin types need some exfoliation. In fact, pushing your skin to renew and regenerate itself is necessary to make it stronger in the long run – and what’s better news is, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or scrubs just to do it. With that in mind, we listed down some of the alternative ways on how you could possibly exfoliate your skin without irritating it.

1. Use Peeling Gels
You might be turned off when you see the word “peeling”, but these cleansers are actually pretty gentle. All you’ve got to do is gently massage the gel on your skin for a few seconds or until your dead skin starts forming small clumps that you can just wash off.

2. Muslin Cloths
There’s no need for you to use harsh scrubs just to exfoliate your skin regularly. If you need to go the gentle route, simply use a warm muslin cloth to wipe away the excess product after cleansing. It is old school, but effective.

3. Konjac Sponges

Sponges aren’t only great for dishwashing or applying makeup, and that’s what konjac sponges will prove to you. Use it to lightly scrub your face while you’re cleansing before rinsing the foam off like usual.

4. Pore Brushes
A much neater alternative to sponges and cloths are pore brushes. Found mostly in Korean beauty stores, pore brushes are known for their soft bristles that gently rubs off the dead skin cells. They also push your facial was into the inner nooks and crannies to enjoy a deeper cleanse.

5. Chemical Exfoliant
Unlike the previous beauty products we mentioned, a chemical exfoliant use exfoliating acids to rub off dead skin cells. For instance, glycolic acid exfoliates the topmost layer of your skin to refine the skin texture and unclog pores – and it does all that without rubbing or tugging the skin. But even if they’re deemed perfect for exfoliating your delicate skin, avoid using them on a regular basis. Your skin needs to build a tolerance for the acid to work.

Exfoliation is crucial even for the most delicate skin type. It’s necessary to get rid of the dead skin cells and give you a glowing complexion. So be sure to try out any of the aforementioned exfoliation tools and chemicals the next time you decide to exfoliate your sensitive skin.

3 DIY Face Masks for Your Skin

Getting glowing, blemish-free skin takes a lot of work. Many women use different products, such as eye creams or acne spot correctors, for each beauty problem. Most women also invest money in facial treatments in order to get beautiful skin straight from the experts. In other words, a beautiful skin does not only take a lot of work but also a lot of money.

Girl witn facial mask and cucumber on her eyes

Good thing for thrifty ladies who like DIY projects there are natural facial masks that works just as well as expensive products, minus the harmful chemicals. Listed below are some of the most effective DIY face masks you can make yourself.

Vinegar Face Mask

Now, don’t be spooked by the vinegar without trying this face mask first. Using vinegar as a toner has been proven effective for centuries now. Mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water, gently apply to the face and let it dry. This face mask will tighten your skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Oatmeal Facial Mask


Got dull-looking skin? Whip up a mixture of half a cup of hot water to 1/3 cup of oatmeal, let it sit for a few minutes and then mix it with some plain yoghurt, honey and egg whites. This face mask will help your skin feel smoother and brighter.

Turmeric and Honey Face Mask

Acne scars can ruin a pretty face. Add some turmeric powder to honey and apply it to the whole face or as a spot corrector to your acne scarring. After a few weeks of daily application, you’ll notice that your pimple cars are getting lighter. Doing this for a couple of months will make your scars disappear.


3 Beauty Tricks in Using Your Beauty Products

Women spend several minutes a day to make themselves beautiful and presentable before going out. A big help when it comes to this are trusty beauty products we use to enhance our appearances. These items can range from different price points, from expensive beauty products to the drugstore kind.


One thing is for sure, we want to preserve these products and use everything up before throwing it away in order to save money. Some tips and beauty cheats are found below in order to make your beauty products last longer.

Lipstick. One tool that would help you use up the remaining lipstick from your lipstick tube when you can’t twist it anymore is a lip brush. If you find this messy and bothersome, you can scoop up the remaining lipstick from the tube, put it in an empty palette and use your lip brush to apply it. In one palette, you can put on a lot of different lipstick shades.


Double-duty products. Two-in-one products are popular especially to teenagers who want a fuss-free way to look good using beauty products. Lip stains that double as cheek stains are helpful in shortening the amount of time you need to get ready. This can also work for lipsticks in reds or rosy shades too. If you do not have a blusher, apply a bit of lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and blend properly for that naturally flushed look.

Liners. When you’re trying out new eyeliner products and you find out the shade just isn’t right for you, do not throw it away yet. You can use the liner to fill in your eyebrows. Just blend with an angled eyebrow brush for a natural look.


Bikini Poses that Will Make you Look Good

You plan on going to the beach with your friends or co-workers. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, that is the perfect time to reconnect with your friends and rekindle your working relationship with your co-workers. You bought a bikini but you suddenly thought about looking good in pictures. There are people who fret because they think that they look worse in their bikini.

When you wear your bikini, you should be confident about it. Not all Singaporeans think about the proper attire when going to the beach. If you want to enjoy the sun and get tan, you should by start wearing your bikini. There are many stores here in Singapore that offer great bikinis with good discounts. You do not need to work out to look good in your bikini. The trick is how you pose in the pictures. Here are some tips that you can consider to look good in your bikini:

Do not squish arms

When you take pictures, you are conscious about your pose, right? You want to look sexy in your photo. If you are wearing a bikini, the basic rule is not to squish your arms towards the body. You have to be reminded of that if you do not want a picture with a bulging or big upper arm. When you pose, make sure there is a gap.

Use the sun and your back

The sun can be the photographer’s biggest ally or foe. You can use the light to your own advantage. If you want a good result, you should look for a good place where the sun can highlight your facial structure. You also need to arch your back so bikini bulges will not show.

Tilting your face

Believe it or not tilting your face can make a difference at the end of the day. You can show off your hidden jawline by tilting your face in the direction of the sun. The sun will surely bring out the glow in you.

Draw attention on top of the body

If you have heavy bottoms, you need to look for a bikini that can highlight your curves. You can for instance look for hip hugging bikini bottom. If you want to have an idea, just look for Beyonce’s files. Your bottom is fine but you should still stretch your arms and proudly flaunt your cleavage.


These are just some of the poses that you can consider when you are posing for the camera with your bikini. The important thing here is you are confident about your body and yourself. You do not need to be that skinny to wear a bikini. Summer is just around the corner. If you choose to spend it in the beach, you should pursue it. You can invite your friends with you.