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Protecting the Environment in Your Own Little Ways

Earth Hour was done and over with but there are establishments and households that continue its practice until now. Here in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) agreed to go beyond the Earth Hour. This is to attain long-term and positive results. MBS is proud to reveal that every year, they think of bigger things to prove their commitment to the protection of the environment.

Protecting our Environment

Over the years, MBS encourages its workforce, partners and vendors to join Earth Hour. This year, MBS proclaimed to the world that they will reduce their carbon footprint (about 14 tons a month). This is in accordance to World Wildlife Fund’s goal. Apart from that, MBS is also proud to reveal that they have sustainable strategies on their hands. For example, they are keen on reducing energy by setting up sensors across their Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions facilities. Actually, there are many more.

Let this be our inspiration. As Singaporeans, we need to think of sustainable ways so we can protect our environment as well as save. You are not as big as MBS but who said you cannot contribute in the protection of the environment? Here are some examples:


  • Start Earth Hour event in your place: You do not need to wait for the annual Earth Hour. You can make or start your own Earth Hour event in your place and invite friends and relatives to join you. If you are at school, organize an Earth Hour event and inform your peers about it. If you are at work, tell your co-workers to save energy. You can think of many ways.
  • Reduce the waste you generate: It is important that you reduce the waste that you generate. Singapore produces tons of waste every year and that is not a good thing. Practice the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Reduce the energy you consume: It was mentioned earlier that MBS pledged to reduce their carbon footprint. You should also do that. You can start small. For example, you should buy home appliances that have energy star or those that say “non-cfc”.
  • Spread the word: It is hard to change but it is not impossible. If you practice things that make a difference every day, it will radiate and many people will consider it. Spread the word and be the change that you want to be.

They say that no act is too small if all the people do it. Be a good example to your peers and they will follow you. They might ridicule you at first but you do not need to worry because eventually they will see the point and they will change.