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The 3 Trendies Careers in Singapore

The thing about careers is for you to land a god career, you should also put into mind your competition. Of course, for careers with fewer professionals and high demands, the easier it is to accelerate and succeed. Supply and demand is the law that dictates the value of everything. If there is an abundance of something, the value of that thing will automatically drop.

Why is this? Well, this is because people want what they can’t have. If we apply this to careers, we can say that companies need what they don’t have. Your value is determined by your ability to do things others can’t or you being the best compared to others. This is how a career is built. It takes years and years to perfectly mold someone into the person a certain company needs but then again, it is definitely worth it!

Sadly, career demands change over time but luckily for you, we have done our research on careers that are still going to be in demand for another 10 years, this is a great opportunity to start because although competition already exists, there are still ways for you to become irreplaceable in the eyes of the company.

Here are a few trendy careers in Singapore:

1. IT Security Consultant
Maybe you’ve always had your trust issues with your internet and would go to great lengths to protect you privacy. If yes, this is definitely a career path for you. IT security consultant is a job for those of you who can see pas the cracks of everything when others only see smooth walls. The good thing about this career path is that everyone is still trying to get online and this includes major companies. Once everyone is online, they need protection.

2. Quality Lead Manager
If you have an eye for finer quality and just won’t settle for less, this could be the perfect job for you! Being able to determine if a product is of low quality and high quality is a very important part of the company because nowadays, everyone wants to be better than everyone else without having to put out the most effort. Find better and more efficient ways to improve the quality of products for all of us!

3. Digital Marketing Manager
How long have you been using social media? If you’re able to use social media to your advantage and capturing everyone by attention, this job may be perfect for you! Of course popularity isn’t the only thing that’s important, it’s also in how you understand people and knowing what catches certain people’s attention.
There are so many other career paths in Singapore that you should check out but these three are so far the best trends going on right now!

Punggol District

Punggol District is a district situated in the north eastern portion of the country. Currently there are proposals to covert the district into a housing estate or residential Housing Development Board new town (Punggol New Town) under the Punggol 21 initiative which has started to come about in the southern portions of the district adjacent the nearby Sengkang New Town.


Tanjong Punggol (popularly referred to as Punggol Point) was named as Tanjong Rangon on Franklin and Jackson’s 1828 map of Singapore. The name “Punggol” can also be spelled as “Ponggol” which is Malay for “throwing sticks or stones at the branches of fruit producing trees to bruin the fruits down to the ground”. The term may also incidentally refer to the Tamil term “Pongal”.

The Punggol district was formerly a well deep-rooted rural region filled with farm houses and agrarian infrastructures, which were catered to by dirt tracks and roads.  A number of the Chinese villagers of the area were taking part in pig, fish or poultry cultivation as well as plantation development and agricultural crop production. The last pig farm in the area was closed down in the year 1990.


Organically grown hydroponic orchid farms and vegetable plantations used to thrive along the Buangkok Farmways and Cheng Lim Farmways, together with low-rise residential districts and old kampong areas. Majority of these farms were cleared to give way to tall HBD housing establishments of Punggol New Town and Sengkang New Town. Historically speaking, the district was formerly populated principally by Catholics and Teochews.

The edge of Upper Serangoon Road is titled as “river mouth” or “river bank”. Ferries were utilized to transport people, goods and objects across and along the Serangoon River. An old market was also situated in the area. The Catholic missionaries arrived in the area 140 years ago and established schools and churches.

The area was formerly home to a Malay kampong which has since been cleared to make way for other developments. Malaysian and Indonesian fishermen auctioned their catch at the wholesale fish market found at the edge of Punggol Port Road. The district is popular to locals for its seafood restaurants; nonetheless these establishments are also doomed to give way to urban developments. Punggol is also well known for boating, water skiing and skin diving.



Places for Foodies in Singapore

Travelling a place will not be complete without tasting the delicacy or the pride of the place you are travelling in. In Singapore, one’s taste buds will not be disappointed as there are a lot of restaurants and places that offer assortment of good food. Singapore is truly a haven for foodies. This place is a one-stop-shop city for restaurants all over the world.

Food festivals in Singapore_3_world streetfood festival

Have a taste of Asian cuisine by tasting some of Asia’s famous delicacies such as Unadons and Orh Nee. Unadons is a delicacy famous in Japan but can easily be found in Singapore especially in Mikuni, Shin Kushiya, Keyaki, Ikoi Japanese Restaurant and Nadaman. Most of the chefs in these restaurants are really from Japanese descent. Malaysian cuisine especially the Orn Hee can be tasted in Tien Garden, Swa Garden Teochew Restaurant, Chao San Cuisine Liang Kee and Teow Chew Meng.

Chicken dishes such as the famous Buffalo wings, roasted chicken and chicken pies are served in different styles and flavour in restaurants here. The best chicken pies are baked and served in Swiss Link, Cottage Pies Cafe, The Gourmet Pie Company and The Pie Kia Shop. Buffalo wings are marinated to their great taste and cooked perfectly in restaurants like Wings World, Buckaroo BBQ & Grill, Brewekrz, Spathe Public House, Sunset Grill & Pub and Bobby’s Bistro. Chickens roasted to perfection can be ordered in DB Bistro, Bank Bar and Bistro, Toots Brasserie, Cocotte and Level 33. Their roasted chicken is best paired with salad, mashed potatoes or side dish cooked in butter.


French bread, Italian Bread, Singaporean Bread, bread from China and all other types of bread there is can be bought fresh from the oven and still hot in Singapore. Artisan Boulangerie Co., Maison Kaiser, TIong Bahru Bakery, Paris Baguette Cafe and The Bread Project boast their incomparable croissant. Croissant and bread enthusiasts must not leave Singapore without visiting one of these bakeries.

As a cherry on top, have a stop at The White Rabbit, Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Le Bistrot Du Sommelier and Cut by Wolrfgang Puck to grab some luscious soufflés for dessert.