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How to Choose a Luxury Bag

Unlike jewelry and real estate, expensive bags don’t increase in value over time. But having one good quality designer bag can last for a lifetime, so it’s like an investment too. What are the things to remember when picking your first signature bag?


Luxury bags are going to be expensive. Unless you’re a millionaire you don’t want to splurge unnecessarily for just one item. Consider how much you’re willing to spend without going broke. Don’t use up your all of your next month’s salary in one go. Check the price range for different styles from established brands so you’ll get an idea. The price will depend on the materials, size, and the name it carries. If you’re buying a bag overseas or online, don’t forget to check the taxes, shipping and other fees.


Pick brands that are known for their quality and style. Some brands are known for a signature style or pattern on their products. Choose whatever you think best fits your style. Don’t follow current trends because they will lose their relevance after a while. Check and compare the quality and materials. Inspect the stitching, seams, zippers and zip tags, pockets, straps, buckles, magnet buttons or button clips, and hooks and D-rings.


Get a bigger bag if you need to carry a lot of items. Make sure it’s not overstuffed because it could also distort the shape of the item. Don’t pick a size, however, that isn’t appropriate for your height and body type. The size should be relative to your proportions. Petite women should avoid long straps and oversized bags. Tall women shouldn’t pick teeny-weeny bags. When choosing the material, leather never goes out of style. They are low-key, versatile and can last for a long time.


Consider earthy tones or neutral colors if you’re planning to carry a bag for everyday use. They can match any type of outfit and are ideal for any event and venue. Pick the versatile brown, black, gray or white bags. Brightly colored and printed bags could be hard to match with most outfits like office uniforms if you’re particular with matching colors. You don’t have to switch bags often because neutral colors are versatile. Bright bags, however, can add color to your drab outfit. Red and pink are the most ideal colors.


Look at the different styles of bags, but you’ll have to decide the type of bag you’re going to use based on your needs and lifestyle. Don’t choose a clutch bag if you’re planning to take it everyday to the office because it’s impractical. Think about why you want to buy a designer’s bag and how often you’re gonna use it. For daily use, choose a style that can carry important items you will need at the office. Lastly, you have to try on the bag in front of a mirror to see if it feels comfortable and if the size and shape looks good on you.

Sterling Silver Jewelry: How to Wear It?


A jewelry is an accessory that projects who we are, the values that we hold, and our status in the society. With this, the choice of accessories is a very private affair, it’s essential that you feel comfortable and they match what you wear. For men, a jewelry is a very distinct thing that needs good taste and attention. Some opt for sterling silver jewelry which they can wear in formal or informal occasions.


However, putting them on is not as simple as it seems because one has to consider some factors in order for the accessory to match the outfit. In order to prevent fashion blunder in wearing it, here are four guidelines on how to make the most of your jewelry:

  1. Keep it simple

Every time you’re uncertain if your outfit look good with your accessories, you just have to keep it modest. You can start by wearing simple sterling silver necklaces. However, if you frequently wear a necklace and you want to put on something different, consider a sterling silver chain. This accessory is simple yet it makes you appear classy. Next, you can branch out to other accessories like cufflinks and bracelets.

  1. Complement your attire with metals

Most men’s jewelries are metallic like gold and silver. Whatever type of metal you chooses to wear, it should go with your attire. Silver metals like men’s sterling silver bracelets are neutral; they can go well with any color of outfit. They don’t clash sharply with any color of clothes. To achieve a sleek and timeless look, you can match this silver jewelry with dark grey or black clothing. You can also have other options like pairing it with lighter colors without being worried of it overwhelming the soft colors of your clothes.


  1. Know what your jewelries stand for

Jewelries represent something. Even though it only takes up a small part of the visual presentation, these pieces have meaning. To further explain the matter, people have varied interpretations of the same jewelry. To some, men’s sterling silver bracelets denote elegance and sophistication while to others, they signify wealth. Because of this, you need to be cautious when putting on jewelries.

  1. Check your dress code

Choosing the right accessory for an event can be very challenging. Of course, you want to avoid being too dressed up with a lot of accessories or overly dressed down with no jewelries at all. You should not only take note of the proper attire for the event, but also the type of accessories that you have to put on. For example, in a formal setting, you can wear simple ones like watches, cufflinks and rings. On the other hand, in casual setting, you can put on sterling silver chain.

Since wearing sterling silver jewelry can affect the views of people you are working with or those you are close to, you want to be assured you’re giving them whatever message you would like to deliver. In addition, you have to take note of the suitability of using it in each occasion and in your entire outfit. So before you step out of the house, you have to remember these tips for you to avoid committing fashion mistakes.


Best Running Shoes of 2015


One of the best ways of staying fit and healthy is by running. Running 10-30 minutes a day, together with a well-balanced diet, already benefits your health in a lot of ways. Of course, no run is complete without a pair of running shoes. To get you started with your running habits, here are some of the best running shoes to date.


Nike Free 5.0

This line of running shoe offers a lot of cushioning on the sole. It may be a bit heavier compared to the Free 3.0 but it is a well-balanced pair for people who aren’t very picky in terms of their running shoes.


Asics Gel Nimbus

The Nimbus line is popular for arguably one of the most cushioned pair of running shoes in the market. The Gel Nimbus is a pair that retains the superior cushioning of the line while being the lightest Nimbus to date.


Saucony Hurricane ISO

The added feature called ISOfit adds more cushioning and stability to the Hurricane line of running shoes. The upgrade helps it become one of the more comfortable and good-fitting pairs in the market.


Brooks Launch 2

This is a mere upgrade of a shoe that was released six years ago. However, it is a popular choice because of an improvement in the grove, which helps the runner in adding more stability and cushioning in his landing.


Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

The Flyknit material has been touted as one of the best innovations in the shoe industry. It is both durable and lightweight. With that, the Flyknit Lunar 3 is a very comfortable and light shoe that makes you run with ease but with cushioning and support due to the lunarlon technology.


Under Armour Charged Bandit

The first pair of its line, the Charged Bandit is a promising shoe because it adds a lot of support for the runner. It has a thick heel, which helps cushion landings and the forefoot is lower for added flexibility and stability.


Brooks Glycerin 13

The Glycerin line is Brooks’ longest tenured running shoe. The 13th pair still bears the same cushioning that has made the Glycerin a popular shoe line. However, flexibility has been greatly improved.


Under Armour Speedform Gemini

Under Armour continues its delivery of great running shoes with the Speedform Gemini. The Speedform is a squishy foam under the heel that gives ample cushioning and support for any runner while delivering enough comfort and bounce.


The Most Bizarre Handbags Ever Made


Bags are little black dresses of women – the one that they should have in their closets. Bags are used to carry things but others see it as accessories while a chosen few regard it as a status symbol. Regardless, bags come and go and every once in a while, there will come a bag that is either bizarrely expensive or plainly bizarre.


Here are some bags that are either bizarrely expensive or just plain bizarre:

  • Crocodile Hermes Birkin: Very few Singaporeans are seen with this kind of bag. After all, this is one of the most expensive bags out there. This bag is the likes of Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. However lately, Birkin asked Hermes to remove her name because she found out how they treat crocs. This bag is under the “bizarrely expensive” category with prices from $100,000 to $222,000.
  • The Urban Satchel: This satchel is manufactured by Louis Vuitton. This is both “bizarrely expensive” and “purely bizarre”. Who would spend so much money just to use a satchel made of trash? Louis Vuitton now fancies the trash. This satchel costs $150,000.


  • Geranium Porosus: This is another Hermes creation. Imagine a bag with five legs. Looks creepy, right? We should not underestimate because it costs $60,000.
  • Diamond Forever: Diamonds are indeed girl’s best friend how much more if it is integrated into a bag? Channel made a diamond studded bag. It roughly costs $261,000 and there are only fourteen existing in the world.
  • 1001 Nights: Mouawad’s 1001 Nights is considered as the most expensive bag. In fact, it holds the Guinness Record. It costs $3.8 million. The bag boasts of 4,517 diamonds.

Bizarre or not, the important thing here is we enjoy our bags.


Organizing Jewelleries and Accessories

Your room is a mess. You should do something about it. Your room is your sanctuary so it should be peaceful and conducive. What is the first thing that you should do? You have to arrange your belongings and put it in its proper place to clear the clutter. You first took care of your clothes and then your bags. The next thing you considered was your shoes.


What’s next? If you hate seeing your dresser messy with all your jewelleries and accessories, you have to do something about it. Here are some organizing tips for your jewelleries and accessories:

  • Gather them all: The basic thing that you should do is gather all your jewelleries and accessories in one place. This is challenging for people who are fond of leaving their jewelleries and accessories all over the house. Gathering your jewelleries and accessories will help you see what you have.
  • De-clutter: After gathering them together in one place, the next thing that you should do is de-clutter. What does this mean? Sometimes, we easily accumulate things and not realizing that it clutters our space. In the case of your jewelleries and accessories, you have to decide which things you will give or throw away. The only thing to remember is to keep jewelleries and accessories that will pair with your wardrobe collections. Save the best thing that you have and let go of other things to clear your space.


  • Categorize: You need to categorize your jewelleries and accessories before seeking for its proper place. This is the beginning of the real organizing. This is synonymous to sorting. The categories will depend on you but generally, categories like earrings, necklaces, bows, scarves, barrettes, head bands and many more will do.
  • Storage: Now you are ready for the last part of it – storing. There are many storage solutions here in Singapore that you can try. The important thing here is it should prevent the jumbling or tangling. If you are traditional, you are looking for boxes and trays but then it can occupy a lot of space. If you want something that can consume less space, a hanging jewellery organizer will do.

That was not hard. If you still find it hard to organize, you have to ask your friends for help. Better yet, you can look for references online. You can also consider tips from books and magazines. This only tells you that there are many references that you can consider so giving up is not an option.

For customized solution, there are many people here in Singapore that you can turn to. Good luck on your organizing!