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A Bizarre Wearable  

Electronics companies around the world are scrambling to make something that can benefit humanity. Wearable devices are a hit that is why a Japanese juice maker went beyond their call of duty and produced a wearable tomato machine. Many Singaporeans think that the wearable tomato machine can make a difference while there are others that think the other way around.


The wearable device is called Tomatan. It was released to power the runners of the Tokyo Marathon. Ifwe want to know more about Tomatan, here are some specifics:

  • Guise: Tomatoes carry a lot of nutrition. It also offers many health benefits but for runners, tomatoes can help fight fatigue on the field. Tomatan is guised as a backpack that can be loaded with mid-sized tomatoes. The backpack looks like a humanoid robot with a tomato head. It will sit comfortably on the shoulders of the athlete. The designers mostly focused on the aesthetics. The robot is user-friendly and appealing to look at. It is eight kilos heavy (or eighteen pounds).shigenori-suzuki
  • Mechanism: Tomatan sits comfortably on the shoulders of the athlete which pulls a tiny lever in its foot that can move the arms to latch a tomato from dispensing tomato. The arms will hold the tomatoes in front of the runner’s mouth. The machine needs at least one hundred tomatoes.

Tomatan is indeed a delight and a big help especially for runners or marathoners. There is no news as to when Tomatan will be available in the market but hopefully it will be here in Singapore soon. Many will surely benefit from this wearable device knowing that it is a health advocate.