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Cheap Tearjerker Gifts for Your Special Someone

Do you want to give your special someone a gift that will surely touch his/her heart to a great extent?  If you do, are you still in doubt if you can give it because it’s way out of your budget? Well, the good news is you are not alone. There are a lot of people there who doesn’t have the big cash to buy something extravagant for their partners.


People believe that the only way they can make their partners pleased is to buy them something that is costly. Though some people prefer to have that kind of stuff, we can’t deny the fact that mostly a gift that is so personal and done with so much effort makes anybody’s heart melt.   Here are some ideas you can do for your partner even without big cash.

1. Create a video. With all the emergence of smart phones, this I must say is the most accessible and easy thing that you can do. You just have to be creative to make it so special. This is actually not new for everyone, you can see it on facebook, twitter and Instagram. The only thing that you can do to make it superfluously special is for you to customize it, make it a video that is intended only for your love for him/her.


2. Write a love letter. Do you just miss those days that everything is written in ink? It will always have that romantic and passionate feel. Those love letters that is handwritten in a traditional scented stationary will always embodies love and sincerity.  Love letters will always be something to keep forever.

3. Make use of your talent. If you can draw or paint, you can definitely make the person your masterpiece. If you can write, write your love story. If you can sing, sing with love for the person. If you can dance, dance for him/her. This may sounds so simple and the only way to make this special is you and your true love for the person.