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The Global Young Scientists Summit


On January 19-24, 2014, GYSS (Global Young Scientists Summit) transpired. The five day event was held at the NTU (Nanyang Technological University). GYSS brought together many prominent researchers and scientists in the field of science and technology around the world. GYSS was organized by NRF (National Research Foundation). The theme for the second GYSS is “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World.”

What made the gathering remarkable is its format. GYSS was patterned it after the Nobel Laureate Meetings. GYSS did not have themes of precise subject areas. It featured many speakers for different discipline. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of NRF, Professor Low Teck Seng said that science cannot be catalogued. It is broad and you cannot put limitations therefore the multi-disciplinary approach.


There were about three hundred fifty young researchers involved in GYSS. They were under 35 years old. Young researchers were also joined by eighteen famous scientists. Participants and guests enjoyed the plenary and small group sessions and panel discussions. The participants also enjoyed the competition – Singapore Challenge. The challenge stimulates the participants to think of something that can address issues about urban development and sustainability.

There were thirty five proposals submitted for the challenge. The proposals were judged by a panel. The winner received cash worth US $100000 and medal. This is to supplement his ideas. It was the President who proclaimed the winner. The winner was Yossi Kabesa who is a researcher at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. The research of Mr. Kabesa focused on the detection of pollutants that can compromise the water supply. He proposed genetically engineered bacteria, response teams and flying vehicles as a start.




Living a Quality Life

“The Happiest Country in Asia”, this is what some people are calling Singapore now. According to a study by Dan Buettner who founded a global project called Blue Zones, ninety-five percent of people in Singapore say that they are very happy. Singapore, the smallest country in Southeast Asia, is not known for its size but for its superiority as a nation, especially on the quality of living it offers.


How can we tell that a country offers quality life to its citizens? Well, there are many factors that indicate that a nation serves its people well, the two most important factors being political and economic stability. With these two factors alone, a person living in a country can say that he or she is leading a good life.

Good governance is essential in making a country strong and its citizens happy. Even though Singapore is a small country, our government is built on a solid foundation that keeps every citizen secured. Our government’s focus is to be aggressive in building the future of the people. It has been able to interest multi-national companies from becoming a First World country inside the Third World areas which makes it very competitive.


Singapore has been ranked as the number one country for having the best bureaucracy in Asia. It was also declared by the World Economic Forum (2011-2012) as the country with the highest public trust of politicians. We have also been repeatedly recognized as the least corrupt nation in the world.

Another way to measure a how well a nation is doing is by looking at its economic framework. As mentioned that Singapore is competitive and is the least corrupt country in the world, it is now a place for good business ventures and investments since it has won the trust of the people. Singaporeans are known for their intellect.

Education and Nationalism

One way to measure how good a country is is by looking at the level of education of its citizens. In Singapore, the education of our people is one of the highest priorities of our Government. To remain globally competitive, we need to have the right amount of knowledge and important skills that keep our economy running as well as it does.


We have exemplary private universities such as the United World College and the University of Chicago – Graduate School of Business. Yet our pride is our public schools that offer high quality education: the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and the Nanyang Technological University. Many students from these schools have won international competitions and its graduates continue to rise to top positions in different companies all over the world.

Another indication of a good country is a peaceful socio-cultural environment. This is evidenced by the diverse cultures that are present in Singapore. Chinese, Indians and Malays, along with other races from all over the world, peacefully co-exist in our country. Even though each has a unique way of living, religion, and perspective in life, we maintain a harmonious society. This is because we have great respect to other cultures and ethnicities.


One important thing to deal about is the issue on Racism. This issue which is also present everywhere is taken seriously in Singapore. In fact, Singaporeans practice the five shared values – nation before community and society above self; family as the basic unit of society; community support and respect for the individual; consensus not conflict; racial and religious harmony. Singaporeans had given themselves identity which are known and respected around the globe.

Crucial Factors When Choosing Your Wedding Gown

A wedding will not be complete without wedding gowns. No matter the budget, one thing remains to be constant: and that’s the dress you wear as you enter a new chapter in your life. Getting married is an important life decision. It is crucial that in your heart, mind and body, you are ready and prepared for it. If all things are prepared and purchased except for the wedding gown, you should find one right away. Choosing that perfect wedding gown is not easy; do not underestimate it because it can be very daunting at the end of the day.


While it’s often hard to look for the perfect wedding gown, this doesn’t mean that you need to scour the whole of Singapore just to find one. There are many bridal shops here in Singapore and there is definitely at least one wedding dress shop that can give you what you want. But before looking for that shop, it is important that have certain criteria by which you will judge gowns when you shop. By setting criteria, you can find the perfect gown easily. So, what are the guidelines? Take a look at this:

The Season

Few people realize that the season can affect how they wear their bridal gown. Always consider the season: if you are getting married on a summer day, better choose gowns with light materials. Aside from that, you should pick the perfect bridal in singapore with the gown that has minimal layers and beading. This can cause a hot and sticky feeling. You will not be comfortable and it will really show in your face and some photographs. If you are getting married on a cold day, better choose wedding gowns with heavy fabrics that can give you warmth. You can consider taffeta, wraps, cashmere, cardigans and other similar fabrics.


Natural Setting

“Nature” here refers to the theme of the wedding. If you decided to have a traditional wedding, for example, you should wear the appropriate, traditional wedding gowns. For example, if you decided to have a traditional Japanese wedding, you should choose a silk kimono. If you want to incorporate other Western styles, you can do so. You can still walk stylishly and fashionably.

The Venue

You should also dress according to the venue. If you chose to hold your wedding in a church or hotel, of course you need to dress formally. If you chose to hold your wedding at a beach or garden, you should find something that is fitted for an outdoor affair.

Style: "Porcelain pastel"

Once you are familiar with the criteria for choosing wedding gowns, you will discover the one that is perfect for you in no time. If you found it, you should fit it so the bridal shop can make alterations to make it look better on you. But if you haven’t found the right one yet, there are many things that you can do-design your own gown and have it sewed for you or you can look in the internet and order online. But don’t be too engrossed with your gown because you have to find dresses for your entourage too and, of course, a suit for your soon-to-be-husband.

Regardless of what you choose, the important thing here is you are happy.

Rihanna Rocks the F1 Stage

After the last cars have cleared the racetracks at the F1 Grand Prix held in Singapore last Sept. 22, 2013, sexy R&B singer Rihanna took and set the Padang stage on fire to finish off the evening.


Mega Concert

The singer had a 90-minute energetic set that got the crowd all pumped up. Reports said that it was jam packed with over 65,000 audiences – making it one of the largest concert crowds in history. The singer did not disappoint the audience for she strutted out it in a shapeless, pop-art inspired dress, a mullet cum ponytail, and worked it as she always does.


Rihanna kicked off the evening with “Phresh Out of the Runway”, a song from her 7th and latest album Unapologetic. She performed songs from her 7-album collection, from the dance raves of “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been” to the songs that sky-rocketed her career, “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy”.

Captivating Performance

The 25 year old singer, backed up by a posse of dancers and a live band, danced her way to the hearts of the audience. The Padang stage was brought down not just by her awesome singing and unique dance moves, but also by her aloof yet captivating style. Audience varied from teenagers to middle aged group whom she got wrapped around her fingers.


There’s no denying that this lass from Barbados is on top of her game. She did not just wow her audience, she also gave them something to look forward to. A next concert, per se. Who knows? From her first Singapore concert back in 2008, she still did not fail to give the fans a jaw dropping performance.

A Danish Christmas on November

The Danes in Singapore are at it again! They’re out to give Singaporeans and tourists a taste of Danish Christmas at its finest once more. Mark you calendars for this spectacular event.


The Danish Christmas Bazaar is set to start again on the 23rd up to the 24th of November this 2013, at the delightful Danish Seamen’s Church located at Mt. Faber. Last year’s bazaar was a success, gathering over a thousand guests. For this year, the Danes decided to have it up for two days so that the locals and tourists will have more time to indulge in the Christmas atmosphere, and of course, the food.

Danes residing in Singapore will be manning booths in the bazaar. They would be offering all kinds of traditional Danish Christmas stuff like Advent wreaths and candles. There will also be traditional food like roast pork and a whole lot more that are to be set on their tables during Christmas Eve dinner. This event is not just for our pleasure, it’ll also help the Seamen’s Church and the things they do.


According their priest Kirsten Hougaard, the event can only happen with the help of many volunteers who prepare everything and during the bazaar who work two days straight, for very long hours.

Think that’s all? Wait until you hear the biggest surprise not just for the kids, but also for the kids at heart. Santa will be coming from the North Pole just to celebrate Christmas early with the visitors. He will be there on both days. Kids can also give their wishlists to Santa, and he will surely make them giddy!

Isn’t it awesome? Early Christmas and a chance to help others. I bet Mt. Faber will be filled with Danish Christmas spirit for two days!

Choosing the Right IT Partner for Your Business

Businesses differ in their needs for IT services. Generally, bigger companies have greater IT requirements than that of smaller businesses. Regardless of the requirements your business have, there is always an IT solutions provider that can be right for your business.


Determining Your Business’ Needs

Deciding to obtain IT services for your business seems to be an easy and simple task. In actuality, it can be a bit challenging. It is highly important that you first identify your needs. You must be able to clearly figure out your requirements, otherwise you might end up paying for IT services that your business does not even need to begin with.

If your business is small or if you are cost-sensitive, you might want to consider a service that offers a per-incident or per-call support instead of having a Singapore service contract every month. Furthermore, identify the extent of on-site support that your business really needs. For example, you can choose to outsource a part-time person and request him or her to visit your business on a monthly or weekly basis. Doing so can really cut your IT services bills.


The Right IT Services Provider

Keep in mind that IT services provider in Singapore will need to know the passwords and other relevant information your company deems confidential. It is therefore highly important that you put your trust in them without questioning or doubting.

In most cases, business owners choose their IT partners through the referrals of other businesses in the same industry as them. To make sure that you can find the right IT services provider like best IT services by dynatech in Singapore for your business, get references from contented and pleased customers. This can give you the best assurance ever.

Don’t forget to probe potential Singapore IT services providers regarding several important things. These include the size of their company and how they make it possible to maintain a number of accounts. There are support providers who will assign one person to manage your account. This can be advantageous on your part since the person assigned to you can get to know you and your business more deeply. However, this can also pose a disadvantage in such way that if the person leaves, the substitute most probably needs to be trained again.

Furthermore, the right IT services company in Singapore that can pair up with your business should be familiar with the hardware and software your system uses, especially if they are specialized to fit your business’ unique requirements.

Advantages of Buying Wedding Dress in Wedding Portals

With the presence of wedding portals, wedding planning has become easier for soon-to-be-married couples, especially on the bride’s part. These websites feature different vendors who can further help in planning wedding events. Wedding matters like Singapore wedding venues, decorations, food catering, and wedding dresses can all be searched and purchased in the convenience of your own home.

For brides, one of the important tasks, which used to be strenuous to do, is hunting for a wedding dress. Before, buying a wedding dress can only be done by visiting several stores and trying on dress after dress to see which cut and design works best for you. But today, it can be done just by sending your measurements through email, without the need to leave your house to look for a good bridal boutique.


Here are some more benefits you can get when buying wedding dress through wedding portals.

Save Time

Every woman knows that shopping takes up so much time. Many soon-to-be-brides juggle work and wedding planning together, which makes it even harder to squeeze in dress fitting schedules to their everyday routine. If you are one of those women with the same situation, why not consider buying your dress online? Wedding portals offer lists of good and reliable wedding gown vendors for weddings Singapore. Just make sure to spare some time to get your right measurements. Have someone take your measurements to get just the right fit. If the dress is a little tight or loose, a local seamstress can fix it for you. It is also advisable to write your thoughts on how you would like your dress to look like.

Save Money

Goods available online are cheaper than those available in retail stores. So, you may be surprised to know that the expensive wedding dress you found in Singapore wedding boutiques are cheaper in online stores, especially when you buy it through the eternal wedding community in Singapore wedding portals. Some wedding portals have special discounts from their featured vendors, making portal members enjoy the privilege of discounted wedding supplies. Visit different wedding portals and check the advertisements posted in the pages to see what deals you can get. A single penny saved from every wedding detail can make great savings in the long run.


Lower the Stress

Planning a wedding is a very tedious and stressful task. If there’s any way you can do to reduce the stress level you’re experiencing, why not take advantage of it? Instead of stressing more yourself in visiting store after store and trying on dress after dress, try shopping online. By simply dedicating an hour or two a day to search for dresses, you’ll be able to yield great results by the end of the week. But, of course, don’t expect total freedom from stress. This is just one less thing to worry about.

More Options

The World Wide Web is a world of endless options to whatever you are searching for, including wedding dresses for wedding events. Most bridal online boutiques offer massive choices of gowns and dresses to choose from. You don’t have to hop from one store to another just to get a good collection of choices. As a result, you’ll find the best dress that truly suits you in a shorter span of time.

Touring Singapore 101: GST

Touring Singapore is fun and thrilling. It would be more fun and thrilling if you know some privileges that you are entitled. Have you heard about Goods and Services Tax (GST)? Well, if not, you came to the right place. It is imperative that you know about GST.


Remember that there is a 7% tax levied in every products here in Singapore. As a tourist, you have the right to claim the GST that you paid upon your purchases during departure at the airport but it is not applicable for land and cruise departures. The basic thing that you need to do is ask the retailers if you can claim the tax before making or paying the purchase. If the retailers are positive about the tax refund, you should make sure to ask for a copy of the GST refund form.

When you have the form, you need to complete it and present your purchases and receipts to the Customs at the Changi airport. Singapore Customs will confirm your purchases and then validate the refund form. When everything is validated and you get the Custom stamp, it is only the time that you can claim your refund.

There are two Central Refund Agencies that can take care of your GST. You can choose from Global Refund and Premier Tax Free. You should know that there are retailers who are not affiliates of Global Refund or Premier Tax Free but they can administer their own GST refund schemes. You have to check on the retailers for more information. But do not worry because the process of showing purchases, receipts and validation from Customs still applies.

Effective Ways on Treating Burns

Burns are common injuries but they can be very painful. There is a case here in Singapore when a housemate (aged 61 years old) sprayed her other (aged 23 years old) housemate of hot water directly from the flask. The 23 year old housemate suffered first and second degree burns on her face, chest, neck, stomach and arms. The scars are likely to be permanent on her face. This happened last September 15 but the decision was recently released. The 61 year old female was sentenced to five weeks of jail time.

Whether you are burned accidently or for a reason, it is important that you know what to do while waiting for the help of the medics. Here are some things that you need to do when you or the one you know are experiencing burns:


Identify the severity of the burn

You should determine the severity of your burns. The first degree is red but slightly swollen. The second degree is also reddish and swollen but the skin will form blisters. When you are exposed to hot objects for long, it may be a third degree burn.

Use cool water

Regardless of the burn, you should expose the burned area in running water for about 10-15 minutes.

Apply cold compress

You can also consider applying cold compress. If you do not have cold compress, you can use ice pack covered by a towel and place it in over the affected area.

Pain relievers

If the pain is too strong and the medic has not come yet, you should take pain relievers. Scour your medicine cabinet if you have to.

If it is only a minor burn, it will heal faster and it does not require any medical attention however if you have severe burns, it is very important that you seek medical attention right away.

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