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A Question Boys Should Never Ask Their Girls

There are so many girls who like to talk about it together with their present boyfriend most especially when they want it. Be sure to listen to them because it might not happen again even if you want to talk about it.


What is the style of your boyfriend before?

Past relationship is a private thing for a woman. You don’t have to ask her that kind of question because she might feel that she is cornered. Actually, as much as they want, keep their past as a secret and they don’t want to remember any bit of it. One thing is for sure, they moved on and they want to ignore anything happen between his ex-boyfriend. Take this scenario. It’s painful to be left by a person you love and it’s more painful when you leave someone alone. So, as much as possible they don’t want to remember it.


Although you might think that she is hiding something when she doesn’t want to share her past, there are a lot of woman who does. And you should not prove it by trying this to your girlfriend. Take this seriously. Women don’t like discuss past relationship. Hence, respect them.

Furthermore, your girlfriend will talk about it while you are in the process of getting to know each other. She’ll talk about how she experienced the love that they have with her ex-boyfriend. There are a lot of things to share. It might make you smile because you will know that you are worth than the man she loved before or you might be hurt because there are things that only her past boyfriend can do and you cannot. However, you should not feel hurt because a man have different qualities; you just have to be yourself.

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Pregnant or Just Getting Fat?

Most women, especially those who have been married, are very proud to be pregnant. Normally, on the very first day that they knew they were pregnant, they get excited and tell all their friends about the news. “Excitement” is the perfect word for a woman who does that. On the other hand, there while you are in very serious relationship and you do not want to ruin it. Never ask your girl this question: Are you pregnant? Most of the time, boys unintentionally ask this question to a woman especially when they want to make fun of girls.


However, boys should avoid this because they might hurt a girls’ feeling. Some men can be very insensitive and ask fat girls if they are pregnant. Here’s the truth: Women who are obese have low self-esteem. Therefore, they might easily get hurt. Plus, they don’t want to be ask with that question because they feel like they are the only one who’s down. There are only two things that can happen: they might get angry and slap you on the face or they may cry in front of you and a lot of people will notice.


The worst thing that could happen is that people might look at you differently, while others might say that you are a mean person. Moreover, this is also applicable to women who have healthy bodies – asking her if she’s pregnant might also put you in danger. This is because she might be pregnant and she don’t want others to know it. For sure, you’ll reason out that you did not mean what you say. Unluckily, this she doesn’t buy your reason. You offended here personally. Therefore, stop and never ever as this question again.


The Greatest Feeling

Everyone is entitled to love. It is really a great feeling when you love a person. In most cases, we are in love to a person that we do not dream of. It just came without any further notice. Usually, girls are easily in love with a person who just came by to say the words “I Love You” but this is always the reason why there are a lot of girls regret what they’ve chosen.


Actually, when you are in love to a person, you are committeed to do the things that your partner want just to make him happy or perhaps you do it for that sake of your relationship. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do anything when you are in an extremely serious relationship.

In fact, you just have to do the things that you normally do. In short, you just have to be you. When you do not like what your boyfriend is doing, try to adjust with him and never ever try to say that he needs to change his attitude or anything about him.


In reality, a good and a healthy relationship doesn’t count on what you do as an individual. The fact that you change yourself for a relationship is not a good one. The key here is to stay who you are and understand the things that is around you. Therefore, anything that new in your life deserves to be understood rather than be dictated.


Loving in an Exciting Way

Despite the wishes that you want your boyfriend to be handsome, honest, intelligent, gentlemen, respectful and any attitude that you might want, things might not become perfect. Sometimes, loving someone is seasonal, you don’t have to push what you want because most of the time, relationship would not work. Moreover, even if how careful are you to your relationship there is just a thing that pushes you to stop or there might be times that your partner will be the ones to stop your relationship because he sees that it is not working.


Making a relationship work even if you can do it is like a mailman roaming around the city. You will have a hard time looking for the house the letter should be sent. Indeed, it is really difficult but when you think of the proper things to do, the job might be easy. Sometimes, loving one another is very boring especially when you have come through ups and downs all throughout the years.

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Actually, one of the reasons why men left their wife and children is that they are bored. They are sick and tired to all the repetitive routines that they do all the time. That is why there are a lot of men who cheat to their wife. However, sometimes, they are just invited and challenged by their friends. But no matter the reason is, it is still a form of cheating and it is sign that you are really in a difficult situation.

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Cheap Tearjerker Gifts for Your Special Someone

Do you want to give your special someone a gift that will surely touch his/her heart to a great extent?  If you do, are you still in doubt if you can give it because it’s way out of your budget? Well, the good news is you are not alone. There are a lot of people there who doesn’t have the big cash to buy something extravagant for their partners.


People believe that the only way they can make their partners pleased is to buy them something that is costly. Though some people prefer to have that kind of stuff, we can’t deny the fact that mostly a gift that is so personal and done with so much effort makes anybody’s heart melt.   Here are some ideas you can do for your partner even without big cash.

1. Create a video. With all the emergence of smart phones, this I must say is the most accessible and easy thing that you can do. You just have to be creative to make it so special. This is actually not new for everyone, you can see it on facebook, twitter and Instagram. The only thing that you can do to make it superfluously special is for you to customize it, make it a video that is intended only for your love for him/her.


2. Write a love letter. Do you just miss those days that everything is written in ink? It will always have that romantic and passionate feel. Those love letters that is handwritten in a traditional scented stationary will always embodies love and sincerity.  Love letters will always be something to keep forever.

3. Make use of your talent. If you can draw or paint, you can definitely make the person your masterpiece. If you can write, write your love story. If you can sing, sing with love for the person. If you can dance, dance for him/her. This may sounds so simple and the only way to make this special is you and your true love for the person.