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Organizing Jewelleries and Accessories

Your room is a mess. You should do something about it. Your room is your sanctuary so it should be peaceful and conducive. What is the first thing that you should do? You have to arrange your belongings and put it in its proper place to clear the clutter. You first took care of your clothes and then your bags. The next thing you considered was your shoes.


What’s next? If you hate seeing your dresser messy with all your jewelleries and accessories, you have to do something about it. Here are some organizing tips for your jewelleries and accessories:

  • Gather them all: The basic thing that you should do is gather all your jewelleries and accessories in one place. This is challenging for people who are fond of leaving their jewelleries and accessories all over the house. Gathering your jewelleries and accessories will help you see what you have.
  • De-clutter: After gathering them together in one place, the next thing that you should do is de-clutter. What does this mean? Sometimes, we easily accumulate things and not realizing that it clutters our space. In the case of your jewelleries and accessories, you have to decide which things you will give or throw away. The only thing to remember is to keep jewelleries and accessories that will pair with your wardrobe collections. Save the best thing that you have and let go of other things to clear your space.


  • Categorize: You need to categorize your jewelleries and accessories before seeking for its proper place. This is the beginning of the real organizing. This is synonymous to sorting. The categories will depend on you but generally, categories like earrings, necklaces, bows, scarves, barrettes, head bands and many more will do.
  • Storage: Now you are ready for the last part of it – storing. There are many storage solutions here in Singapore that you can try. The important thing here is it should prevent the jumbling or tangling. If you are traditional, you are looking for boxes and trays but then it can occupy a lot of space. If you want something that can consume less space, a hanging jewellery organizer will do.

That was not hard. If you still find it hard to organize, you have to ask your friends for help. Better yet, you can look for references online. You can also consider tips from books and magazines. This only tells you that there are many references that you can consider so giving up is not an option.

For customized solution, there are many people here in Singapore that you can turn to. Good luck on your organizing!