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Smart Shopping 101: 4 Techy Ways to Save Time Grocery Shopping

I did not like the amount of time I used to spend on grocery shopping. The long search for certain items, the inability to check the store’s online inventory, and even the stressful parking felt like they were consuming a lot of my energy. Fortunately, there are now new and techy methods that allow consumers to save time grocery shopping. By using the following ways, you can now spend more time doing the things that you love.

1. Check the Store’s Inventory Online
A lot of big-box retailers now have online in-store inventory. You can check the nearby location of these stores through their websites, or use mobile apps like Google Shopping. All you’ve got to do is check the “available nearby” option on the left part in Google Shopping search to only search for local stores. This local-first start-up will search across local and known stores in just a single search.

2. Perform an Item Search on Your Phone
The major pain I have in grocery shopping is walking up and down every aisle just to look for a particular item. Fortunately, a good number of local stores in Singapore are now publishing their product inventories online. Although you might need to install the mobile app of that particular store get its full functionality, these websites provide limited searching of the items you need. Some even provide a map with complete directions to lead you to the right lane and shelf.

3. Keep a Grocery List on Your Phone
There are several mobile apps like Anylist or Out of Milk that help maintain an active grocery list. All you’ve got to do is add an item to your mobile list when it’s about to finish. If you need the same items every week, then all you’ve got to do is copy the same list from your last trip to the grocery store.

4. Avail of Grocery-Delivery Services
Don’t have enough time to go grocery shopping? If so, then make great use of your shop’s grocery-delivery services. A good number of start-up and large stores are already offering this type of services. It often comes with a charge, but some offer free delivery for the first few months. Even with additional charges, opting for home delivery will save you more time if you just purchase everything together using your mobile grocery list.

Grocery shopping used to be so tedious, but thanks to the new and techy methods available in the market today, you can already save a lot of time in purchasing the things that you need.