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6 Gorgeous Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Band

Metals like gold, silver, and platinum – alloys included – are timeless symbols of commitment, but they also have their downsides other than their price tag.

For instance, they’re great for conducting electricity and insulation (bad news if you’re constantly exposed to electricals and high heat!).  They can also trigger metal allergies and put you at a risk of hurting your hand in certain instances.

If you find that any of these apply to you, then here are some material alternatives you should definitely start mulling over:

  1. Silicone

Couples with an active day job or lifestyle, where they need to be hands-on all the time, will be sure to love a ring that won’t slip off, conduct heat, or be prone to accidents that would lead to finger damage.

This is where silicone rings come in. Their structure makes them durable, hypo-allergenic and extremely flexible and non-conductive, which makes them perfect for most work environments.

  • Tungsten Carbide

Because even classic bands like gold and silver can get scratched after a long time, choose this material for your ring instead.

Not only is tungsten carbide scratch-resistant, but it’s also harder than steel and gold. The biggest advantage is that it’s much cheaper than traditional precious metals, making durability a much more affordable option for any engagement or wedding ring.

  • Ceramic/Wood

Ceramics are an excellent non-allergenic alternative to rings made of precious metals, since rings made of these precious metals and their alloys can be lost, scratched, and/or easily damaged.

With wood, you have a number of advantages – you have a ring that’s unique in appearance, durable, and hypo-allergenic, but also eco-friendly and really cheap.

These two options are particularly great for those who happen to work near sources of heat or electricity. It minimizes the risk of burns or electrocution, and in hazardous work conditions, there’s no need to take off the ring.

Non-Ring Alternatives

Non-ring alternatives also exist for those constantly working with their hands, such as the following:  

  • Wedding Tattoo – Worried about your ring snagging or getting in the way at work? Can’t find a suitable substitute for a wedding ring?

How about no ring instead?

This new trend where couples simply get a wedding tattoo instead of a ring is not only cheaper, but also a more creative way of showing your commitment.

  • Necklace/chain – Instead of a wedding band, more and more couples are donning a gold chain that they can wear around their neck – and the ring can be strung on the necklace depending on your preference.
  • Watch – While this isn’t a less expensive option, it does make for a non-finger option while still being an expensive reminder of commitment and marital status.

5 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed Out

Maybe you have noticed some behavior changes in your dog. Perhaps, they are acting out or seem to show unusually clingy, tense or distant. Does Fido need a walk, a spa day or just longer hours of sleep? It turns out that your beloved puppies can also get stressed out like we do. To help all pet parents out there recognize when their dogs need a break, here are the signs to watch out for.

  1. Laid back ears

Dog ears look different, but stress can make it quite different. Some puppy ears look more erect if they feel uneasy, but many looked pulled back, becoming almost pinned back. As a pet parent, you should learn the positions of dog ears. This is a good sign to notice when you want to know if your pup is stressed out.

  • Mouth gap

Are his lips curled back? Do you see more teeth than usual? Notice that curl before it transforms into a snarl, and then into a snap and finally into a bite. Veterinarians say that even whiskers can look more pointed in response to stress.

  • Decrease in appetite

Dogs do not go on diets or fasting like humans do, so it is important to consult your vet if your puppy suddenly loses interest in food. This can be due to stress or an underlying health problem, such as anorexia, which causes the dog to refuse eating and its food intake to significantly decrease that it results to drastic weight loss.

  • Increased sleeping

Perhaps by now, you’re already accustomed to your pet’s sleeping habits. If you start to notice that your canine is sleeping more than usual, talk to your vet and let your doggy checked immediately. Lethargy is usually one of the first symptoms of injury or trauma. The symptom can also be due to conditions like heart and liver problems, tumors, diabetes, severe dehydration, diarrhea, anemia and poisoning.

  • Unusual aggression toward people

A bit of aggression towards people they do not know is normal. But if you’re seeing unusual aggression even towards someone in the family, this could be a sign of a sick and stressed out dog. Consult your vet as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Many signs of aggressiveness accompanied by fearful facial expression and body posture. Treatment for this focuses on behavior management to assist your dog with its anger and anxiety. Pet devices like muzzles can be helpful when you’re bringing your dog outside of the house to prevent causing injury to other people and animals.

Be mindful of these signs. While some of them aren’t as obvious as the others, they can be the key to ensuring the health of your little furry friend.

4 Luxurious Yoga Retreats Near Singapore

There are instances when a fun beach vacay or a relaxing staycation in a fancy hotel just doesn’t cut it. You come home and go back to work still feeling exhausted and burdened by stress. If you feel anything like this, you need more than just a vacation—a retreat!

These peaceful havens are just a bus- or a train-ride away from Singapore, but are peaceful havens that help detox you physically, mentally and even digitally, complete with cozy accommodation and relaxing facilities to set you straight. Below, we gathered five yoga places for a well-deserved break and rehabilitation of your body and mind. 

  1. Revivo Wellness Resort, Bali

Perched on top of Nusa Dua hills, this newly opened resort and spa is a tanquil oasis, making it a perfect spot for a yoga retreat. Here, you can try a variety of yoga styles, ranging from Vinyasa to aerial flow yoga, and even Anusara, which is a yoga combination of Western movement and Eastern spirituality.

  • Uma Paro, Bhutan

For a vacation that relaxes the body, mind and soul, a holiday yoga package at Uma Paro is one you must try. Set in a 5-star hotel and spa that overlooks the Paro Valley of Bhutan, it is the ideal escape place and reward yourself of some well-deserved TLC. A typical day during your stay may include a morning and afternoon yoga and guided walks through the Paro Valley. And as you’ve worked hard, treat yourself to their skin cleansing treatment and signature massage to end your day.

  • Langkawi Yoga, Malaysia

Seated right in the middle of green rice paddies, Langawi Yoga offers a laidback and humble approach to their yoga experiences, so you can expect a mix of energizing yoga and the slow, tranquil style. Their programs feature luxurious massages, jungle and coastline tours, a healthy vegetarian fare and yoga practices twice a day. Langkawi Yoga is also decked with charming cottages scattered around the rainforest, but you can also take a pick from their hotel room accommodations.

  • Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

This award-winning retreat centre in Thailand is set in an ancient cave that was once inhabited by monks. Here at Kamalaya Koh Samui, you will find various wellness programmes that mainly focus on building a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle, burnout relief and emotional balance. You can even talk to their naturopaths to customize your own programme based on your particular needs and health goals.

Taking good care of your state of mind is just as important as ticking off every item in your long list of life goals. Take advantage of these paradise of Zen every once in a while to keep your physical, mental and emotional health in check.

How Can You Get Over a Creative Slump?

In Singapore, it can be safe to say that when you’re working, you live a very busy life. Moreover, there are always times when you feel like you’ve ran out of brain juice and your hard work has put a toll on your mind, causing you to have a creative slump.

What could be the reason?

You’re frustrated because you’ve hit a plateau and ideas just don’t come to you anymore. Before doing anything else, take a moment to examine the reason behind it. Is it because of stress? Is it because you’re sick? There can be many reasons why we run into a creative slump. And it’s perfectly understandable!

What to do:

Don’t be so harsh on yourself

Everybody goes through a creative slump sometime in their lives, so know that it’s okay to find yourself in one. This is only natural because we are humans and not machines. We experience the twists and turns of life, both positive and negative. So shake it off and don’t feel so bad about it.

Do some physical activities

When you notice that your creativity is hitting its limit, you might be under a lot of stress. Breaking a sweat can be a great way to reduce stress, though. Running, hitting the gym, and playing some sports can release endorphins that can improve our mood and have a positive impact on our mind.

Keep your place clean

Having a clean and organized environment to work in can actually help keep your mind straight. Too much clutter can cause you unnecessary stress and hinder creativity.  When you work in a clean and comfortable place, your ideas will flow better.

Get some sleep

Sleep can be a great go-to when you’ve hit a slump. This is because when you sleep, you give your brain a time to rest and recover. Your thoughts, decisions, and ideas will be better once the mind is well-rested.

Write whatever comes to mind

Write about everything that comes to your mind at the moment. It doesn’t have to have coherence, it doesn’t have to be serious, sometimes it doesn’t even have make sense at all. “The dog got the quiz perfect on the National Day Parade because I am the greatest prime minister of Singapore.” You’ll find that you can unexpectedly get new ideas through writing.

Read a book or watch TV

Similar to writing, reading a book or watching TV can also give you a lot of ideas. When reading a book, you’ll sometimes find quotes and teachings that can inspire you to continue whatever you’re doing. And while watching TV, not only are you entertained, you might also get ideas from what the people are saying.

Go outside

When you’ve hit a slump, it’s probably best to go to a new environment. Somewhere you can interact with others, get some sunlight, and basically have some fun. This takes you off work for a while but can definitely help refresh your mind.

Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Work Out

So you’re 5am alarm rings and it’s time to get your usual work out. But suddenly some unknown force is dragging you back to the bed telling you to stay there and get more sleep. These days, it’s become really easy to lose motivation to exercise. You know you want to get better but you feel tired, what should you do?

Write down your goals

Having your goals written down will not only help you envision them in the beginning. Once you have them on paper, you can always look at them when you’re feeling tired of doing your workouts. Put down both your short-term and long-term goals. Check the goals you’ve achieved so you can look back and see how better you’ve become.

Remember why you started

All of us have reasons to exercise. To some it may be stress-relief, leisure, to get that beach body, or to address health issues. So, when the time comes that you’re feeling extra unmotivated, remember why you started exercising in the first place.

Go with people who motivate you

Always surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and are good motivators. They can help you continue running, finish that last set, and keep you going. This also doesn’t only benefit you as an individual, it leads you to grow and get better together with your companions.

Pretend that a crowd is cheering you on

This is one way to add a little fun to your exercise. You’re jogging at MacRitchie Reservoir or Labrador Park and are already feeling tired, even though you think you can still do more. Imagine that a crowd is there hyping you up and cheering you on. You can even imagine being in a race- you’re in the first position, you cross the finish line… and the crowd goes wild!  

Have an exercise rival

The idea of competition can be a great motivating factor. Your rival can be a friend or even someone you completely do not know at all. You can secretly compete with the person/s who are exercising near you and that can be enough to give you a little push.

Think about the end result

In connection to setting goals, picture yourself in the future after all your exercising. Refer to that image of yourself every time you get tired of exercising. Or if you’re a runner, think that nothing can beat the image of having a medal around your neck after a long and tiring run.

Make bets

Make a bet with someone you trust. If you can’t go to the gym, especially with a scheduled workout, you’ll have to pay him/her. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to cancel other activities just so you won’t lose a bet. What is meant here is that if you’re looking for an excuse to skip exercise, you won’t be able to do so easily because money is on the line.

4 Simple Steps to Make Your Wardrobe More Grown-Up

The way you dress can say a lot about who you are, andwhile your license or ID may give away your age, your clothes don’t have tofollow suit. By following these simple but effective steps, you can finallystart showing off your sophisticated self to others.  

1. Skip the graphic T-shirts.

Graphic t-shirts may have looked cool when you were still in school, but now that you’re an adult, it’s time to ditch them for a more mature outfit – and outlook – on life. You can still wear them every once in a while for a casual gathering, though.

The one principle in making your wardrobe appearsharper once you graduate college (or even once you hit college) is that youshouldn’t try too hard. The simpler your outfit is, the better.

2. Go for fit.

Forget shopping for sizes – most clothing brands have different sizing systems, which means your clothes can either always be one size too large or too small. Having a tailor get your measurements is key to ensuring that your clothes fit you every time.

3. Learn to iron your dress clothes.

While you may have never had to learn how to iron your clothes when you were younger, times have changed – it’s now up to you to look presentable to the people you will be interacting with throughout the day.

Be sure to iron the back of the collar and not the front. A good press gets rid of the wrinkles without pressing the life out of your clothes. Remember to hit the shoulders and sleeves and finish up the rest of the cloth in one direction.

If you absolutely have to, buy clothes that don’t needmuch ironing. Not only will you save yourself a lot of time in having to keepyour shirts pressed, but you’ll also save yourself a lot of money from havingto pay the electric bill.

4. Avoid fashion trends.

While experimenting every once in a while in terms of style can be a lot of fun, you’re better off not chasing after the latest fashion trends – they’ll keep coming and going, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them, and you’ll only be left more confused than before.

Certain trends may be the “in” thing now, but come the next few months you’ll be left with a pile of clothes that are no longer in style and are taking up space in your closet. When that does happen, all the money you spent on those once-trendy clothes will essentially turn to waste.

Again, when it comes to dressing like a grown-up, there’s one principle: keep things as simple as possible.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Bedsheets

Feeling hot and uncomfortable at night can often be aproblem, but can be Bedsheets can be quite amazing, especially after a long day and a goodshower, and a good set of linens that’s cleaned regularly can go a long way inensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.

Types of Bedsheets and Bedding Fabrics

While picking your favorite color for your room is a snap, it can be a little more difficult to pick the best type of bedding that you’re sure to love sleeping on. Here are the different types of beddings for your consideration:

  • Cotton – The most popular fabric used in beddings because of its breathability and softness, and comes in its own different types. Cotton is also surprisingly easy to maintain.
  • Flannel – Cold nights often call for flannel sheets, which is cotton that’s been combed to give the fiber threads more fluff.
  • Silk – Naturally hypoallergenic and one of the most luxurious fibers, but with the downside of being quite expensive.
  • Polyester – Inexpensive, but can be stiff and starchy when it’s used on its own. It’s often used as blends with other types of inexpensive threads, such as cotton. Finely-woven polyester is sold as microfiber, which is softer and more durable.
  • Bamboo – While most “bamboo” sheets you will find are actually made of rayon, typical fabric made of actual bamboo tends to be stiff and tough in a way similar to polyester.
  • Blends– Blended fabrics are often made of a mix of polyester and cotton, but can alsobe made of other types of fabrics, such as bamboo, or even flannel.

Thread Count: Does More Mean Better?

Thread count only matters for your sleeping experience up to a certain point. The sweet spot for thread count is actually 280, and manufacturers often use a little bit of creativity to inflate these numbers to as much as a thousand. Other manufacturers would even use extremely thin threads to add the count, and which can break much more easily.

Instead of looking at thread count when choosing your bedsheets, look at other factors that can make or break your experience, such as the following:

  • Chemical-free– To minimize wrinkling, many bedsheet fabrics are often made to undergocertain chemical processes, which can have negative effects on your skin.
  • Fiber – There’s a good chance that most of the fibers in your bedsheets will be made from cotton, and can range from organic cotton to cotton/polyester blends. This can also influence how soft the fabric will be.
  • Breathability – This factor is important to consider when you live in a hot place and want to keep cool when you sleep, as highly-breathable fabrics allow air to move around freely instead of trap them.

6 Essential Tips for Custom-Made Engagement Ring

While browsing through jewellery store displays, do you think that all rings seem to look the same? If you crave for something you can never find on racks and that’s embellished and designed nothing like others—or perhaps you have a stone of your own but no setting and band—consider having your engagement ring custom-made. If you wish to don a ring that’s designed only for you, here are some essential pointers to keep in mind.

1. Sketch It Out

It takes serious amount of time to find out how you really want your proposal ring to look like. To get the planning started, determine the design you want. Note which colour of stones and metals you find yourself attracted to. Are there eras of style that most of your jewelleries take after (i.e. Victorian, art deco, modern minimalism, etc.)? What design of this era does appeal to you the most?

Also, notice what elements you like on other people’s rings. Check out several jewellery stores and try on different ring styles. Spend some time browsing through Pinterest to find inspiration for your custom-ring. After you have identified the elements you want to have on your ring, try sketching the ring as detailed as you possibly can, and don’t forget to take note of the details you don’t like as well.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle and the Wedding Band

Your lifestyle will also help determine the style of your jewellery. Depending on your day to day activities, you may want something that’s less protruded and clunky. If you are a more active person—say you’re an athlete or you go to the gym more often—a bezel setting would be a more ideal and secure setting than the common prong setting.

Also, consider the wedding ring. Work with a jewellery designer to create an engagement ring that looks spectacular when complemented by a wedding ring but also looks just as stunning when worn alone. A piece of advice: if you want your engagement ring to look complementary with your wedding band, purchase the rings together from the same jeweller.

3. Create a Budget

Do your homework and research on the type of stones and metals that fit your budget. Look into the different types of precious metals for a customized wedding ring in Singapore such as platinum, silver, white gold, titanium and tungsten. For the diamond consider the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat) and the substitutes like cubic zirconia, white sapphires and other gemstones.

As you learn more about the options available for you, discuss this with your jeweller. Work together to come up with a combination of precious metals and stones that will fit your budget while also considering the design you desire.

4. Think Outside the Box

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your own engagement ring, although a few requirements have to be met. As mentioned, diamond is not the only stone you can use on your ring. You can use pearl, your birthstone or other gemstone—or nothing at all. The same goes with the band. Silver and gold are not the only metals you can use for your ring’s band. Tungsten, for instance, is a much more durable substitute for a fraction of a price.

Also, if you’re planning on customizing your wedding bands but you and your fiance can’t seem to agree on the same design, you can always go for different styles of wedding rings. But try to agree on at least one element to somehow tie the look of the rings together.

5. Look for a Reputable Designer

You would want to work with a reputable and trusted designer—someone who can provide excellent customer service and quality product. Start by asking around family and friends for recommendations. When contacting a jeweller in Singapore, ask about their affiliations, how long they have been in the business and if you can view their recent works.

Ultimately, you want to work with a professional who will not only listen and provide your needs and wants, but also can give suggestions in order to come up with quality product. A skilled jeweller has good sense of logistics and can provide you with relevant suggestions for creating a practical ring setting.

6. Give the Process Some Time

This is not something that can be rushed. It takes significant amount of time to come up with a design, find a good jeweller to work with and actually start the creation process—not to mention the additional time needed for modifications.

Once you have decided on a design, your jeweller will create a mock-up of your engagement ring—either made of wax, metal cast or by CAD (computer-aided design). If the first mock-up needs more tweaks, expect that it will take another week—or more—to create a new one. After approving a design, it will take some more time to create the actual ring. Over all, the back-and-forth process of making modifications and agreeing on a design could take months to complete.

A custom-made proposal ring is a great opportunity for you to incorporate your individuality into the most significant piece you own in your life. It is the perfect way to incorporate designs that represent you, as well as stones that were passed down through generations in your family. With creative mind and the right jeweller, it’s not impossible to bring your dream ring to life.

Types of Health Screening Packages

Regular health screening can help adjust a person’s diet, lifestyle and exercise program to reverse any health issues. Blood test is one of the most common tests included in every health screening package offered by screening centres in Singapore. There are also tests like pelvic screenings, body scans, X-rays, liver testing, and bone density testing for wider physical examination scope. Basic blood test is where the whole screening will start, but the person’s physical and history health issues may require other screenings.


Age-related Screening

People who age 50 and above should regularly undergo colon screening. Females should also undergo screenings for breast and ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer screening for males. Follow up screenings for breast, pelvic, and colon health should be done at least once a year or whenever the doctor requires you to do so. For people with higher risks of certain diseases, because of medical of family history, frequent screenings is required to ensure health stability.

Basic Health Screening Package

This type of screening usually includes blood pressure and blood glucose readings, total weight and height measurements, and cholesterol reading. This is also the most preferred corporate health screening package by companies in Singapore. The tests can already give good overview of a person’s general health. However, doctors will determine whether additional tests are needed by visually assessing the patient and asking questions.


Intermediate Screening Package

Intermediate health screening packages include all the tests in basic health screening in Singapore plus the HDL count. The HDL or “good” cholesterol count will reveal coronary risk ratio. High HDL result means lower risks of heart diseases, while low result means higher risks of heart-related ailments. Intermediate health screening packages are highly recommended to smokers, overweight individuals, and individuals who are under a lot of strains.

Advanced Health Screening Package

This Singapore screening package involves all health information gathered in basic screening package, but includes HDL, LDL, and triglycerides readings. LDL or “bad” cholesterol can slowly accumulate in the arteries’ inner walls, which feed the brain and heart with oxygenated blood. With LDL on the walls of the arteries, it can form plaques and block the flow of blood to the essential parts of the system resulting to the development of life-threatening heart diseases. Triglycerides are fats stored in the body. High level of triglycerides signifies existing or looming heart disease.

Additional Screenings

Other health screenings can always be added by individuals to their existing screening package or could also be performed alone. Medical assessments and individual Singapore blood panels are available for many health issues, like pulmonary malfunction, liver disease, bone density, prostate abnormalities, basic vision or hearing problems, diabetes, skin cancer and other necessary immunizations. Patients should have to mention other existing health problems in order to authorize further screenings.


Personal Accountability

Patients should not only rely on their age or on the calendar to schedule health screenings. Everyone should be accountable of their own body and monitor if there are problems, like signs of chest pain, joint problems, breathing problems, or changes in bladder or bowel habits. Waiting for regularly scheduled health screening appointment can worsen life-threatening health problems to intensify.

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