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6 Essential Tips for Custom-Made Engagement Ring

While browsing through jewellery store displays, do you think that all rings seem to look the same? If you crave for something you can never find on racks and that’s embellished and designed nothing like others—or perhaps you have a stone of your own but no setting and band—consider having your engagement ring custom-made. If you wish to don a ring that’s designed only for you, here are some essential pointers to keep in mind.

1. Sketch It Out

It takes serious amount of time to find out how you really want your proposal ring to look like. To get the planning started, determine the design you want. Note which colour of stones and metals you find yourself attracted to. Are there eras of style that most of your jewelleries take after (i.e. Victorian, art deco, modern minimalism, etc.)? What design of this era does appeal to you the most?

Also, notice what elements you like on other people’s rings. Check out several jewellery stores and try on different ring styles. Spend some time browsing through Pinterest to find inspiration for your custom-ring. After you have identified the elements you want to have on your ring, try sketching the ring as detailed as you possibly can, and don’t forget to take note of the details you don’t like as well.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle and the Wedding Band

Your lifestyle will also help determine the style of your jewellery. Depending on your day to day activities, you may want something that’s less protruded and clunky. If you are a more active person—say you’re an athlete or you go to the gym more often—a bezel setting would be a more ideal and secure setting than the common prong setting.

Also, consider the wedding ring. Work with a jewellery designer to create an engagement ring that looks spectacular when complemented by a wedding ring but also looks just as stunning when worn alone. A piece of advice: if you want your engagement ring to look complementary with your wedding band, purchase the rings together from the same jeweller.

3. Create a Budget

Do your homework and research on the type of stones and metals that fit your budget. Look into the different types of precious metals for a customized wedding ring in Singapore such as platinum, silver, white gold, titanium and tungsten. For the diamond consider the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat) and the substitutes like cubic zirconia, white sapphires and other gemstones.

As you learn more about the options available for you, discuss this with your jeweller. Work together to come up with a combination of precious metals and stones that will fit your budget while also considering the design you desire.

4. Think Outside the Box

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your own engagement ring, although a few requirements have to be met. As mentioned, diamond is not the only stone you can use on your ring. You can use pearl, your birthstone or other gemstone—or nothing at all. The same goes with the band. Silver and gold are not the only metals you can use for your ring’s band. Tungsten, for instance, is a much more durable substitute for a fraction of a price.

Also, if you’re planning on customizing your wedding bands but you and your fiance can’t seem to agree on the same design, you can always go for different styles of wedding rings. But try to agree on at least one element to somehow tie the look of the rings together.

5. Look for a Reputable Designer

You would want to work with a reputable and trusted designer—someone who can provide excellent customer service and quality product. Start by asking around family and friends for recommendations. When contacting a jeweller in Singapore, ask about their affiliations, how long they have been in the business and if you can view their recent works.

Ultimately, you want to work with a professional who will not only listen and provide your needs and wants, but also can give suggestions in order to come up with quality product. A skilled jeweller has good sense of logistics and can provide you with relevant suggestions for creating a practical ring setting.

6. Give the Process Some Time

This is not something that can be rushed. It takes significant amount of time to come up with a design, find a good jeweller to work with and actually start the creation process—not to mention the additional time needed for modifications.

Once you have decided on a design, your jeweller will create a mock-up of your engagement ring—either made of wax, metal cast or by CAD (computer-aided design). If the first mock-up needs more tweaks, expect that it will take another week—or more—to create a new one. After approving a design, it will take some more time to create the actual ring. Over all, the back-and-forth process of making modifications and agreeing on a design could take months to complete.

A custom-made proposal ring is a great opportunity for you to incorporate your individuality into the most significant piece you own in your life. It is the perfect way to incorporate designs that represent you, as well as stones that were passed down through generations in your family. With creative mind and the right jeweller, it’s not impossible to bring your dream ring to life.

Types of Health Screening Packages

Regular health screening can help adjust a person’s diet, lifestyle and exercise program to reverse any health issues. Blood test is one of the most common tests included in every health screening package offered by screening centres in Singapore. There are also tests like pelvic screenings, body scans, X-rays, liver testing, and bone density testing for wider physical examination scope. Basic blood test is where the whole screening will start, but the person’s physical and history health issues may require other screenings.


Age-related Screening

People who age 50 and above should regularly undergo colon screening. Females should also undergo screenings for breast and ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer screening for males. Follow up screenings for breast, pelvic, and colon health should be done at least once a year or whenever the doctor requires you to do so. For people with higher risks of certain diseases, because of medical of family history, frequent screenings is required to ensure health stability.

Basic Health Screening Package

This type of screening usually includes blood pressure and blood glucose readings, total weight and height measurements, and cholesterol reading. This is also the most preferred corporate health screening package by companies in Singapore. The tests can already give good overview of a person’s general health. However, doctors will determine whether additional tests are needed by visually assessing the patient and asking questions.


Intermediate Screening Package

Intermediate health screening packages include all the tests in basic health screening in Singapore plus the HDL count. The HDL or “good” cholesterol count will reveal coronary risk ratio. High HDL result means lower risks of heart diseases, while low result means higher risks of heart-related ailments. Intermediate health screening packages are highly recommended to smokers, overweight individuals, and individuals who are under a lot of strains.

Advanced Health Screening Package

This Singapore screening package involves all health information gathered in basic screening package, but includes HDL, LDL, and triglycerides readings. LDL or “bad” cholesterol can slowly accumulate in the arteries’ inner walls, which feed the brain and heart with oxygenated blood. With LDL on the walls of the arteries, it can form plaques and block the flow of blood to the essential parts of the system resulting to the development of life-threatening heart diseases. Triglycerides are fats stored in the body. High level of triglycerides signifies existing or looming heart disease.

Additional Screenings

Other health screenings can always be added by individuals to their existing screening package or could also be performed alone. Medical assessments and individual Singapore blood panels are available for many health issues, like pulmonary malfunction, liver disease, bone density, prostate abnormalities, basic vision or hearing problems, diabetes, skin cancer and other necessary immunizations. Patients should have to mention other existing health problems in order to authorize further screenings.


Personal Accountability

Patients should not only rely on their age or on the calendar to schedule health screenings. Everyone should be accountable of their own body and monitor if there are problems, like signs of chest pain, joint problems, breathing problems, or changes in bladder or bowel habits. Waiting for regularly scheduled health screening appointment can worsen life-threatening health problems to intensify.

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