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How to Choose the Right POV for Your Article

Let’s say you’re a writer or for some reason have to write about a certain topic, what topic would you write about? This would be quite a wild question starting from out of the blue and deciding on what topic to write about but this could be an actual problem. You could even get writer’s block even before you start. Isn’t that something you would want to avoid? Well, it definitely is.

Thinking of the perfect title to write about is something that involves two factors, both yourself and the available material around you. But hey, there are many different forms of writing. Some people write about fantasy while others write about experiences or what we call, blogging. Some people write for a living and this is definitely something everyone should do once in a while. Not only does this improve your creativity but it also improves and gives you a unique perspective of the world.

Before everything else, you must always put into mind this factor: your relation to the topic.
We will only discuss your relation to the topic and not include the available material because all we are talking about topics that are personal. Your relation to the topic is very important because you have to choose whether or not you are writing from:

• Third Person
The third person perspective means that you are looking and observing things without having to get yourself personally involved with your topic. The third person perspective could be a great way to write about news or things that happen around you that may not necessarily affect you. An example of this is writing about how the Hawker Centers work.

• Second Person
This one is conversational but also leaves a little room for a healthy distance with the subject. Second person is a great way to get a somewhat personal but also a not-so-opinionated view of your topic. This one is hard to use because of how it is in the middle of being a hundred percent involved and a hundred percent detached.

• First Person
The first person perspective is the most involved and is usually the most dangerous. This is where most people mistake your opinion for calculated research. The first person perspective focuses on just the right amount of opinion while talking about a certain topic. Opinion is also the hardest information to digest because of how abundant they are. The danger in this though is putting your opinion out without actual basis. This happens a lot and has really mislead quite a few people.

Here are a lot of ways for you to be able to improve your writing especially when that piece of writing is something personal and important to you.

Jotting Your Thoughts Down

Writing seems to be the passion of most people. It may come in the form of poetry, blogging, writing stories, journalism or just plain scribbling. Sometimes, at the most unexpected time and place, you think of great ideas and you don’t want to forget them.


Every person’s thought process is different. Some people have great creativity during daytime, some during night time while others have it on the most unusual times like when you are about to sleep. In order to never forget them, we must write them down.

Here are some reasons why it is important to write your thoughts down.

To remember

Some ideas are very easy to forget especially if you get them at unusual times. Some people get very interesting ideas when they are about to sleep so in order to make sure the idea is still there by morning, they write it down in a piece of paper or in a trusty old notebook.



With the emergence of different technological discoveries and gadgets, simple things like writing things down on paper can be forgotten. Writing your thought down using pen and paper is simple and uncomplicated. It’s simple yet an effective way of translating an idea into something more definite.

Clear mind

Writing your thoughts down can help clear your mind and make you feel better. Writing can alleviate the weight of the experience or the thought and in the end, will make us feel better and lighter. Writing things will help you look at the situation on different angles and will help you get some perspective.