Colour Your Home

Just because you find your house boring doesn’t mean you have to replace every piece of décor and furniture in every room of the house. Why not consider repainting the walls and make your own theme out of your chosen wall colours? Mix and match variety of shades and see what compliments your overall house furnishing. Moreover, you also have to keep in mind that artificial and natural lighting also affects the actual colour of the painted walls, so test the colours first before buying gallons of it.

To start with your colour planning, here are some of the paint colour ideas you may consider to achieve thematic setting in every area of your home.

Bright Colours for Lively Mood. Bright and light colours exude relaxing atmosphere. This is great for rooms where the whole family usually stays, like the living room. Use light shades of green and yellow for an energetic feeling, or shades of white and light grey for a fresh and a bit of sophistication effect.

Dark Colours for Elegant Appeal. Dark colours have the ability to highlight chunky furnishings and decorations. So if you have an art deco centre table or a vintage chandelier, dark painted walls will give those pieces well-deserved attention. Conversely, shades of red are advisable for the kitchen since these colours can stimulate the appetite.

Neutral Colours to Match Existing Wall Colours. If you only want to enhance or accentuate an existing wall colour, might as well use neutral hues. Colours like light grey, orange, cream and beige can perfectly collaborate with any colour you wish to have. You can also use natural shades of green and brown if you prefer darker neutrals.

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