Education and Nationalism

One way to measure how good a country is is by looking at the level of education of its citizens. In Singapore, the education of our people is one of the highest priorities of our Government. To remain globally competitive, we need to have the right amount of knowledge and important skills that keep our economy running as well as it does.


We have exemplary private universities such as the United World College and the University of Chicago – Graduate School of Business. Yet our pride is our public schools that offer high quality education: the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and the Nanyang Technological University. Many students from these schools have won international competitions and its graduates continue to rise to top positions in different companies all over the world.

Another indication of a good country is a peaceful socio-cultural environment. This is evidenced by the diverse cultures that are present in Singapore. Chinese, Indians and Malays, along with other races from all over the world, peacefully co-exist in our country. Even though each has a unique way of living, religion, and perspective in life, we maintain a harmonious society. This is because we have great respect to other cultures and ethnicities.


One important thing to deal about is the issue on Racism. This issue which is also present everywhere is taken seriously in Singapore. In fact, Singaporeans practice the five shared values – nation before community and society above self; family as the basic unit of society; community support and respect for the individual; consensus not conflict; racial and religious harmony. Singaporeans had given themselves identity which are known and respected around the globe.

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