Furniture Trends: What’s in?

Without pieces of furniture, a living space is not that appealing. Furniture sets are important element in a living space because of its function and use. Common furniture sets include tables, chairs, beds, chests and cabinets. We judge the beauty of the furniture through its function and material but recently, there are new trends that will tickle our preference. Here’s a look:


Space Saver Furniture

Due to the shrinking of living space, we have no choice but utilize our small space. We can utilize our living space by looking for small profile furniture pieces. The demands for furniture with smaller profiles today are high. We can surely find something that we like.

Multi-Functional Furniture

People prefer furniture with multiple functions to save space. It is really not a new concept but the demand for multi-functional furniture is increasing. A lot of buyers are looking for that “extra” function like additional storage under beds, tables and chairs.

Outdoor Furniture

Maximizing the space means extending the living space outdoor. This paved way to the creation of outdoor furniture pieces. There are also furniture sets that can be used for indoor or outdoor use.


“Green” Furniture

Concerns for the environment and the increasing carbon footprint paved way to the creation of “green furniture”. The furniture’s materials are from recycled materials. “Green” furniture pieces are usually inexpensive because of the materials.

Custom Made Furniture

Custom made furniture is becoming popular. There are many studios offering custom made furniture, we just have to find it. The good thing about this is that we are free to select our material, the pattern, colour and fabric.

Regional-Inspired Furniture

Many people fancy other region’s theme or furniture. Asian inspired furniture pieces for example are making its way to the world. Furniture now transcends to borders and culture. We are free to borrow their idea and use it in our living space.

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