Great Places to Get Chilli Crab in Singapore

Chilli crab is arguably one of the most famous dishes in Singapore. Many people, both locals and tourists, say that you can’t leave Singapore without trying the chilli crab. So, here are some of the best places in Singapore to have the best chilli crab!

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

No Signboard Seafood actually started out as a small hawker stall. It is said that they got their name from not being able to afford a signboard in their early beginnings. Now, No Signboard Seafood has become one of the more famous seafood restaurants best known for their “White Pepper Crab” dish.  They also have a variety of flavors including Chilli, Steamed, Cheese, Salted Egg Yolk, and a lot more.  It is said that no other place serves better White Pepper Crab than No Signboard. That’s typically because it is a culinary invention of No Signboard itself.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place to have crab that’s extra spicy, Long Beach is said to have the spiciest chilli crab on the island. Much like how White Pepper Crab was invented in No Signboard, Long Beach also takes pride in its own creation and signature dish, the Black Pepper Crab. Many describe the sauce as a flawless combination of spiciness and sweetness that goes well not only with the crab but even the man tou. The meat of the crab itself is also described as fresh and juicy.

Red House Seafood Restaurant

Red House is another well-known seafood restaurant in Singapore. Whether you choose to have a black pepper crab or any flavor of chilli sauce, you won’t be disappointed. You can even have the Crab in Red House Chilli Stew if you prefer a sweeter and less spicy dish. An added bonus in Red House is that there are tables outdoors. You can relax and eat with a nice breeze and a great view of the ocean.

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

Jumbo Restaurant is known for having a less spicy version of chilli crab. But make no mistake, their chilli crab is just as good as each one mentioned before! The sauce has the classic slightly spicy yet thick and sweet flavor to it. Because it’s copiously layered with egg, the thickness of the sauce compliments the crab exquisitely. This gives you all the more reason to order more man tous!

Crab Party

The Crab Party menu takes pride in the different flavors they serve their crabs with. From the classic chilli crab, white pepper crab, and black pepper crab, to their specialty salted egg, you’ll have so many flavors to choose from. Their chilli crab also leans to the spicier side, so those who like a good spicy kick will definitely like it here.

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