Heart Strong: Unique Ways to Keep a Healthy Heart


Scientifically speaking, our heart is the center piece of our cardiovascular system and it is the vital source of life in our body from flow of oxygen to proper functioning of our immune system. Now, our food and lifestyle can greatly affect the general health of our heart, but psychological wellness can also dramatically influence its wellness.


In Singapore, 15 people die every day due to cardiovascular disease while in 2014, 29.9% cases of death due to this reason has been accounted. But cardiovascular disease remains an important issue in Asia as half of the world’s population is living from Asian countries.

While there are dietary measures to prevent heart disease, some unique ways of avoiding it can lead to healthier and happier hearts, too:

  1. Indulge in 70% dark chocolate. Chocolate is one of the common foods that are rich in Flavanols, a plant chemical found in cocoa/chocolates which have antioxidant power. Antioxidants help our body’s cells to protect themselves against being damaged caused by free radicals and contaminants in the environment such as cigarette smoke.

Also, Flavanols have other potential apart from protecting cardiovascular system, they also help lower the blood pressure, improve flow of blood to the heart and brain while making blood platelets less sticky thus, avoiding clots.

  1. Make an inventory of your stress. Feeling stressed? One way of releasing yourself from stress is to write down the negative things that cause it, doing so can make you feel better. Also, you can try to relax your shoulders, neck, breathe in and out and stretch those muscles. After all, relaxing is good for the heart and soul.


  1. Spend time with friends and family, smile, laugh and have a great time. Socializing brings out positive energy and it is good for the heart!

Beautiful family portrait spending time together at home

  1. Exercise your heart. You may want to leave your car at home and try a different transportation to where you need to go. You can try cycling or walking to get yourself some hearty exercise. Also, joining a walkathon or fun run can get your feet with motivation, sign up for fun, exercise and a cause.


  1. Prioritize oral hygiene. The way to a healthier heart is through good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing your teeth can leave you with good oral health and it can absolutely reduce the risk of getting a heart attack. Over the years, researchers have found the relationship between gum and heart disease.


  1. Cuddle and give more hugs. Embracing or giving a tight squeeze to someone is known to reduce blood pressure as it releases oxytocin hormone. In psychology, it is known as a powerful hormone as its levels shoots up when we kiss or hug a loved one, so make sure to cuddle with a person you trust and care about!


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