How Can You Get Over a Creative Slump?

In Singapore, it can be safe to say that when you’re working, you live a very busy life. Moreover, there are always times when you feel like you’ve ran out of brain juice and your hard work has put a toll on your mind, causing you to have a creative slump.

What could be the reason?

You’re frustrated because you’ve hit a plateau and ideas just don’t come to you anymore. Before doing anything else, take a moment to examine the reason behind it. Is it because of stress? Is it because you’re sick? There can be many reasons why we run into a creative slump. And it’s perfectly understandable!

What to do:

Don’t be so harsh on yourself

Everybody goes through a creative slump sometime in their lives, so know that it’s okay to find yourself in one. This is only natural because we are humans and not machines. We experience the twists and turns of life, both positive and negative. So shake it off and don’t feel so bad about it.

Do some physical activities

When you notice that your creativity is hitting its limit, you might be under a lot of stress. Breaking a sweat can be a great way to reduce stress, though. Running, hitting the gym, and playing some sports can release endorphins that can improve our mood and have a positive impact on our mind.

Keep your place clean

Having a clean and organized environment to work in can actually help keep your mind straight. Too much clutter can cause you unnecessary stress and hinder creativity.  When you work in a clean and comfortable place, your ideas will flow better.

Get some sleep

Sleep can be a great go-to when you’ve hit a slump. This is because when you sleep, you give your brain a time to rest and recover. Your thoughts, decisions, and ideas will be better once the mind is well-rested.

Write whatever comes to mind

Write about everything that comes to your mind at the moment. It doesn’t have to have coherence, it doesn’t have to be serious, sometimes it doesn’t even have make sense at all. “The dog got the quiz perfect on the National Day Parade because I am the greatest prime minister of Singapore.” You’ll find that you can unexpectedly get new ideas through writing.

Read a book or watch TV

Similar to writing, reading a book or watching TV can also give you a lot of ideas. When reading a book, you’ll sometimes find quotes and teachings that can inspire you to continue whatever you’re doing. And while watching TV, not only are you entertained, you might also get ideas from what the people are saying.

Go outside

When you’ve hit a slump, it’s probably best to go to a new environment. Somewhere you can interact with others, get some sunlight, and basically have some fun. This takes you off work for a while but can definitely help refresh your mind.

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