How to Choose a Luxury Bag

Unlike jewelry and real estate, expensive bags don’t increase in value over time. But having one good quality designer bag can last for a lifetime, so it’s like an investment too. What are the things to remember when picking your first signature bag?


Luxury bags are going to be expensive. Unless you’re a millionaire you don’t want to splurge unnecessarily for just one item. Consider how much you’re willing to spend without going broke. Don’t use up your all of your next month’s salary in one go. Check the price range for different styles from established brands so you’ll get an idea. The price will depend on the materials, size, and the name it carries. If you’re buying a bag overseas or online, don’t forget to check the taxes, shipping and other fees.


Pick brands that are known for their quality and style. Some brands are known for a signature style or pattern on their products. Choose whatever you think best fits your style. Don’t follow current trends because they will lose their relevance after a while. Check and compare the quality and materials. Inspect the stitching, seams, zippers and zip tags, pockets, straps, buckles, magnet buttons or button clips, and hooks and D-rings.


Get a bigger bag if you need to carry a lot of items. Make sure it’s not overstuffed because it could also distort the shape of the item. Don’t pick a size, however, that isn’t appropriate for your height and body type. The size should be relative to your proportions. Petite women should avoid long straps and oversized bags. Tall women shouldn’t pick teeny-weeny bags. When choosing the material, leather never goes out of style. They are low-key, versatile and can last for a long time.


Consider earthy tones or neutral colors if you’re planning to carry a bag for everyday use. They can match any type of outfit and are ideal for any event and venue. Pick the versatile brown, black, gray or white bags. Brightly colored and printed bags could be hard to match with most outfits like office uniforms if you’re particular with matching colors. You don’t have to switch bags often because neutral colors are versatile. Bright bags, however, can add color to your drab outfit. Red and pink are the most ideal colors.


Look at the different styles of bags, but you’ll have to decide the type of bag you’re going to use based on your needs and lifestyle. Don’t choose a clutch bag if you’re planning to take it everyday to the office because it’s impractical. Think about why you want to buy a designer’s bag and how often you’re gonna use it. For daily use, choose a style that can carry important items you will need at the office. Lastly, you have to try on the bag in front of a mirror to see if it feels comfortable and if the size and shape looks good on you.

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