How to Take Care of Your Back

We always use our back when we carry light as well as heavy things. The back’s function is to support the hands to keep us in balance while carrying heavy loads. Sometimes, we believe that if it is a huge thing, it’s heavy and if it is small, it’s light. It’s not always like that. As a matter of fact, there are small but heavy things and big yet light in weight.


For example, one sack of cotton – is it heavy or light? One way to determine its weight is to carry the thing and for sure, you will be using your back. Now, to avoid some injuries to take place while carrying heavy loads, here are some instructions:


  • Make sure that when you carry a heavy thing, you need to maintain your balance and hold it tightly so that it won’t move. However, if it’s moving, be conscious about your movement because it may affect you back.
  • Another thing that will make your back work is when you reach the thing that you need to get. Sometimes, when the load is above the ground we just get is straight without using any equipment like ladder to get the object. This is usually a mistake as it would later affect your back.

The best way to get the heavy thing is to do it in slow and smooth action. In this way, you can avoid your back getting injured because unsmooth and rap movements while carrying a big load can increase the risk of having back injury.


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