Indie Filmmakers Take the Limelight

Singapore’s silver screen has indeed become bigger and bolder as the Screening Room in The Arts House continues to bring a mix of motion pictures to film enthusiasts in the country.

The Screening Room, as a great platform for film premieres and festivals, gives way for independent film makers to showcase their compelling works of modern visual art to a larger audience. This mini theatre gives full support to aspiring filmmakers eager for the limelight, constantly looking for a place where they can gather an audience who will support and appreciate their films. For indie filmmakers, young and old alike, grabbing an opportunity to play their film before an audience is what truly define them as filmmakers.

The film theatre provides regular film programmes, featuring both local and international films. In collaboration with film and media organisations, it also presents eye-opening masterpieces that probe and provoke the viewers.

As a matter of fact, this venue which often screens thematically curated films has also been the chosen venue for small-scale film festivals such as the Italian Film Festival way back 2009. It is also a strategic venue for Singapore’s arts and lifestyle festival that happens annually—the Singapore Sun Festival.

Tucked within The Arts House, this mini theatre has a seating capacity of 75 people. Not only does it make a good venue to feature local and international films, but it also makes an ideal venue for media briefings, corporate presentations, private screenings, theatrical productions, and other special purposes.

Indeed, the Screening Room is more than just a cinema that offers free movie screenings to everyone.

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