Making a Social Marketing Plan

Many businessmen don’t know what to do with their business, most especially on social sites. Most of them say that it is a new approach to them. In building a business or making a social business page, you need to know firsthand the 5w’s and 1 h.


Who are your target market, where would you locate your product (social networking site), what are your products, when will you start your business, why you need to build a business and how it will be managed. On the other hand, marketing plan is important in all businesses. Marketing plan will be a guide on how and what to improve in your company.

Although this one could be a very hard task, this will be very helpful in a business. Also, creating a marketing plan will be a very discouraging job. However, the benefits of it are totally bringing businesses to the next level. Here are the strategies on how to develop a marketing plan.

  • Identify your audience. This will be your target market. It maybe from ages 18-25 or 25-40 and so on. Also, it can be all males or all females only.


  • Know who your competitors are. In this way, you will know what are your business/products advantages and disadvantages. Competitive analysis is an important factor of any marketing approach.
  • Have a tone that would fit your target audience. Social media audiences are fussy. They are hard to please, especially when want to happen what they don’t like. In making a Facebook posts on your business, you don’t need to be demanding, try to level your business on what is your target market.
  • Lastly, engage to your audience. Social media needs an engagement, and it requires continuous engagement from you or your social market.



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