Name Suggestions for Your Baby Boy  

One of the thrills of pregnancy is anticipating the gender of the baby and picking a name. If in this case we are expecting a baby boy, we have to pick a name that will make him stand out. The good news is that there are many names that we can choose but if we want our kids to be proud of their names, we have to pick something that is beyond ordinary but not too entertaining because either way, they will be laughed at.


We have to remember that names have character traits and somehow it will stick to them for the rest of their lives. Choosing unusual, difficult to spell and hard to pronounce names is the fad here in Singapore these days. Though it is our prerogative to pick whatever name we want for our son, we have to think of the future and imagine – would they be happy to be introduced or not?

If at this moment we haven’t picked the right name yet, we can continue our search and consider the 2014 top baby boy names. Here’s the list:

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  • Asher: Asher is a Hebrew name meaning happy or blessed. Some character traits are family-oriented, affectionate, sensitive, loving and compassionate.
  • Declan: Declan is an Irish Gaelic name. Some character traits include being creative, optimistic, popular, happy, social and communicative.
  • Atticus: Atticus is a Latin term referring to a person from Attica. Some character traits include dramatic, communicative and optimistic.
  • Finn: Fin is an Irish Gaelic name which means the fair one. Some character traits include mystical, wise and eccentric.
  • Oliver: Oliver is a Latin name which refers to a tree and a symbol of peace. Some character traits include oneness, independent and idealistic.
  • Henry: Henry is a Teutonic name meaning the ruler of the home. Some character traits include solitary, philosophical and wise.
  • Silas: Silas is a Latin name referring to something from the forest. Some character traits include being compassionate, sensitive, loving and family-oriented.
  • Jasper: Jasper is a Persian name meaning the treasurer. Some character traits include community-oriented, loving and compassionate.
  • Milo: Milo is a Latin name meaning the soldier. Some character traits include the master builder, organized, disciplined and leader.
  • Jude: Jude is an English name meaning praise. Some character traits include solid, practical, studious, industrial and conservative.

Hopefully the list gave us an idea of what to pick because in the long run, the name is not ours to have but for our children. Picking a name should be serious and it takes time.

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