Name Suggestions for Your Baby Girl  

A baby girl is truly a gift from above. Every mom and dad here in Singapore spends time in picking the right name for that little bundle of joy. Parents are obsessing about what to call their babies. There are plenty of names that we can choose but we have to remember that the names we give to our children upon their birth will stick to them for the rest of their lives – no pressure intended.


Here in Singapore, choosing unusual names is quite the craze these days. Parents have the prerogative to name their children according to their will but we have to be cautious in choosing if we want our kids to be proud of their names when they get old. If we want to play it safe, we have to start our search considering the 2014 top ten baby names. Here’s the list together with their character traits:


  • Imogen: Imogen is not a common name which makes it unique. Imogen comes from a Gaelic or Irish term meaning innocent or maiden. The character traits include philanthropy, oneness, idealistic, multi-talented and quick tempered.
  • Charlotte: Charlotte is a French name which means womanly. The character traits include creative, optimistic, social, popular and happy.
  • Isla: Isla is a Spanish term meaning island or devoted to God. The character traits include adventurous, adaptable, easy-going, sensual, rebellious and changeable.
  • Cora: Cora is a Greek name which means maiden. The character traits include ambitious, strong-willed, impatient and successful.
  • Penelope: Penelope is also a Greek name which is associated to the faithful wife of Odysseus but it really means something resembling to a duck. The character traits include wise, imaginative, solitary, melancholic, eccentric and mystical.
  • Violet: Violet is more than a color in Latin. Violet means flower girl. The character traits include highly intuitive, truth-seeker, extremely bright and inspirational.
  • Amelia: Amelia in Latin means industrious or striving – which is the embodiment of Earhart. The character traits include intellectual, sensual, freedom-loving, adaptable and adventurous.
  • Eleanor: Eleanor is a Greek name meaning the shining light. The character traits include intuitive, solitary and eccentric.
  • Harper: Harper is an English name which describes a person who makes the sharps. The character traits include optimistic, popular, happy and social.
  • Claire: Claire is a Latin name meaning bright or famous. The character traits include dramatic, social, reckless and popular.

If we still want to choose unusual names for our children, we are free to do that but if we want them to be proud of their names, we have to pick something that distinguishes them from the rest.


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