New Motor Insurance Policy for the Elderly

There are old people who still drive for a living. They need to be protected. The drivers need insurance in the event of accident or death (God forbid). The good news is that there’s a new motor insurance policy for the elderly and it was instigated by AAS (Automobile Association of Singapore). The new insurance policy is called “AA Senior Motor Plus”. The new policy was launched on January 23, 2014.  52c649f4911d1ac04a649fa92e9b0fba

If you have an elder who still drives, it is important that you share some information about it so they will be informed. Here are some information about the new motor insurance policy:



To date, AAS said that they have 83000 members and 14 % are seventy years old or older.  Elders ages 65 and above are the target for the new insurance policy. The elderly driver is happy about the new insurance policy. This policy notes the ageing population of Singapore.


The drivers need to have 4 or more years of experience. They will be given S$50000 in the event of personal accidents. For drivers with more than thirty years of experience, they will be given 5% discount on their insurance or policy.

Now the elders cannot be denied coverage. Elders need to be empowered too. They need to know they are still part of the society and they need to feel that they can do something. Do not take away the joy of driving. As long as your elder is fit to drive, let him/her enjoy it. Insurers are worries about the seniors because they have slower reflexes but it does not discount the fact that they are more experienced, stable and mature.



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