Rihanna Rocks the F1 Stage

After the last cars have cleared the racetracks at the F1 Grand Prix held in Singapore last Sept. 22, 2013, sexy R&B singer Rihanna took and set the Padang stage on fire to finish off the evening.


Mega Concert

The singer had a 90-minute energetic set that got the crowd all pumped up. Reports said that it was jam packed with over 65,000 audiences – making it one of the largest concert crowds in history. The singer did not disappoint the audience for she strutted out it in a shapeless, pop-art inspired dress, a mullet cum ponytail, and worked it as she always does.


Rihanna kicked off the evening with “Phresh Out of the Runway”, a song from her 7th and latest album Unapologetic. She performed songs from her 7-album collection, from the dance raves of “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been” to the songs that sky-rocketed her career, “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy”.

Captivating Performance

The 25 year old singer, backed up by a posse of dancers and a live band, danced her way to the hearts of the audience. The Padang stage was brought down not just by her awesome singing and unique dance moves, but also by her aloof yet captivating style. Audience varied from teenagers to middle aged group whom she got wrapped around her fingers.


There’s no denying that this lass from Barbados is on top of her game. She did not just wow her audience, she also gave them something to look forward to. A next concert, per se. Who knows? From her first Singapore concert back in 2008, she still did not fail to give the fans a jaw dropping performance.

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