Sites to Visit Before They Completely Vanish


Nothing lasts forever. You have to remember that. No matter how hard you try to restore or to keep memories of something, it is only a matter of time before they vanish. In this case, have you heard about ancient sites slowly disintegrating? This is bad news but there is something that you can do before they completely vanish.


It is time that you consider visiting sites before they vanish. You have to go outside Singapore and enjoy sites while they are there. Many ancient places are on the brink of extinction because of various factors like climate change and other development works. There are reports saying that Northern Lights will be diminishing for the next decade because it is their natural cycle. Not only that, other destinations like Dead Sea, Venice and Maldives face issues due to the rising of sea levels.

Besides these places, there are other sites that are in jeopardy of disappearing. Here are the sites you need to visit before they completely vanish:

Angkor Wat

Believe it or not Angkor Wat is on the brink of disappearance. The complex of majestic temples of Angkor is considered the world’s largest religious monuments and it may soon sink because of sapping water from underground. There are many hotels nearby Siem Reap and the sapping water destabilizes the foundation of the monuments.

Remember that it took 400 years for Khmers to complete the monument. The monument suffered different forms of destruction since then from wars, strife and now due to development works.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall served as a formidable fortress that protected the nation from invasions. It was built to defend the nation but now it is disintegrating. It was reported last year by The Beijing Times that 2,000 kilometres of the wall has disappeared due to lack of maintenance, vandalism and natural erosion.


The wall was built during the Ming Dynasty. It is an 8,000 kilometre structure but today, only 8% remains in good condition. The situation could worsen.

The Grand Canyon

If you happen to visit America, you should not miss The Grand Canyon. According to the US National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Grand Canyon is now listed as one of the most endangered historic places in the country and the world.

It is slowly disintegrating because of increased developments nearby from tourist resorts to uranium mining. The damage is said to be irreparable if ignored.

These places are a wonder and it should be forever preserved but sometimes you have to settle on the fact that things do not last forever. So, marvel over it while they sit still.


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