Sterling Silver Jewelry: How to Wear It?


A jewelry is an accessory that projects who we are, the values that we hold, and our status in the society. With this, the choice of accessories is a very private affair, it’s essential that you feel comfortable and they match what you wear. For men, a jewelry is a very distinct thing that needs good taste and attention. Some opt for sterling silver jewelry which they can wear in formal or informal occasions.


However, putting them on is not as simple as it seems because one has to consider some factors in order for the accessory to match the outfit. In order to prevent fashion blunder in wearing it, here are four guidelines on how to make the most of your jewelry:

  1. Keep it simple

Every time you’re uncertain if your outfit look good with your accessories, you just have to keep it modest. You can start by wearing simple sterling silver necklaces. However, if you frequently wear a necklace and you want to put on something different, consider a sterling silver chain. This accessory is simple yet it makes you appear classy. Next, you can branch out to other accessories like cufflinks and bracelets.

  1. Complement your attire with metals

Most men’s jewelries are metallic like gold and silver. Whatever type of metal you chooses to wear, it should go with your attire. Silver metals like men’s sterling silver bracelets are neutral; they can go well with any color of outfit. They don’t clash sharply with any color of clothes. To achieve a sleek and timeless look, you can match this silver jewelry with dark grey or black clothing. You can also have other options like pairing it with lighter colors without being worried of it overwhelming the soft colors of your clothes.


  1. Know what your jewelries stand for

Jewelries represent something. Even though it only takes up a small part of the visual presentation, these pieces have meaning. To further explain the matter, people have varied interpretations of the same jewelry. To some, men’s sterling silver bracelets denote elegance and sophistication while to others, they signify wealth. Because of this, you need to be cautious when putting on jewelries.

  1. Check your dress code

Choosing the right accessory for an event can be very challenging. Of course, you want to avoid being too dressed up with a lot of accessories or overly dressed down with no jewelries at all. You should not only take note of the proper attire for the event, but also the type of accessories that you have to put on. For example, in a formal setting, you can wear simple ones like watches, cufflinks and rings. On the other hand, in casual setting, you can put on sterling silver chain.

Since wearing sterling silver jewelry can affect the views of people you are working with or those you are close to, you want to be assured you’re giving them whatever message you would like to deliver. In addition, you have to take note of the suitability of using it in each occasion and in your entire outfit. So before you step out of the house, you have to remember these tips for you to avoid committing fashion mistakes.


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