Sure-Fire Ways to Enjoy Singapore on a Budget

Despite being dubbed as the newest most expensive place to go to in Asia, Singapore still manages to attract a wide array of tourists. The country is clean and green, has efficient public transportation system, and boasts of magnificent infrastructures. It has security, convenience, and first-world oriental beauty to offer for both of its affluent tourists and budget travelers. For those on a budget, here’s an easy sure-fire way for you to enjoy Singapore without delving too much in your pockets:


Enjoy hawker’s food

One of the best parts of traveling is the food. You need not splurge money on restaurant food when you can enjoy local food at a cheaper cost without sacrificing its taste and authenticity. Hawker food centers are easy to find, too. Almost every neighborhood has one. Just follow where the locals go.

Buses and Trains

Singapore has efficient public transportation and they come at fairly low prices. You can take the bus or train – they’re both good. If you can read, then you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Taking all these into account, it would be wise to opt out from taking taxis for practical and obvious reasons. It’s also convenient to get an ez-link card to avoid fumbling in your wallet or bag from time to time.


Place to stay

Finding a place to stay may be the most expensive part of travelling. If you think you’ll be outdoors sightseeing for most of your trip then it’d be wise to save up on your accommodation. Maybe you can check if you have friends or relatives living in Singapore who’ll be willing to accommodate you. You can also check couchsurfing options online. It comes cheap, plus, you get to mingle with the locals.

Go to free places

The best thing to bring with you when travelling is an adventurous spirit. There are plenty of free attractions to enjoy in Singapore. Go by the iconic Merlion Park, watch the free light shows by The Marina Bay, or head down to Clark Quay and enjoy the buskers and make friends with other happy people who may be out in Singapore in search of fun just as you are.


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