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Automated business processes, such as tax and accounting responsibilities, can save a lot of time and money. Fortunately, there are thousands of software packages out there to help you get the job done. But with the countless of choices available, picking the right kind of accounting software and tools for your company’s tax preparation becomes very difficult. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few things you need to know.


1. Determine the Tools You Need

In order for a company to keep running, tax responsibilities should always be kept updated. You need to pay taxes on time, keep records, track your time, file returns, and many more. Spare some time in figuring out what type of accounting software that gives you the maximum tax monitoring possible. Look for one that has the ability to sync information from laptops to mobiles to ensure everything is in place all the time.

Another factor about accounting software singapore that helps determine the tools needed is the need to keep records of financial transactions. Keeping records of the company’s income and expenses is essential for tax purposes. It also lets you know if the company is in healthy financial condition. Choose a software package that meets your needs. Compare purchasing factors, such as costs, features, and ease of use.

2. Automate Tax Savings

Many self-employed individuals in Singapore don’t have the same wages with regular employees from which taxes can be automatically deducted. Instead, they are asked to pay their taxes four times a year. It is said that around 60% of self-employed individuals are not paying their taxes regularly, as it is difficult to raise a cash lump sum on the payment due date


With the use of accounting software, you can make your own estimated tax savings system to save funds needed to make quarterly tax payments that cover self-employment tax and income taxes. Another option is to use an online software package. These tools inform you of how much you have to set aside weekly to raise the estimated tax amount needed for each quarter.

3.  Figures Out Income Taxes

Though many medium to large size companies in Singapore hire accountants to analyze and prepare their annual tax returns, many small-sized business owners choose to handle this work themselves. Luckily, there are tax software packages available to make this process a lot easier. However, most of these software packages are annually updated for the present return; therefore, you’ll need to purchase a new package once a year.

Important reminder:

Keep in mind that tax software is only depends on the information you feed into it. If, for instance, you forgot to input your business advertising costs, you will lose an important tax deduction.  Also, check every now and then for program updates.


4.  Do Not Pirate Accounting Software

Many accounting software packages authorize you to use the product on a certain number of pc units upon purchase – it could be one, or, let’s say, up to five pc units. If you copy and use the software to more pc units than permitted, you are considered as software pirate. Aside from the fact that it is unethical and illegal (criminal and severe penalties if caught), pirated software doesn’t come with tech support, backup, and is susceptible to malware and virus attacks.

5. Accounting Software Safeguards Data

If you go for an online software solution, your data is stored and is accessible anytime, anywhere. If you opt for an installed software package, a regular data backup would be helpful to ensure all business data is safe and protected in case of computer malfunctions due to virus attacks, natural calamities, or human errors.

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