The Best Airport for Flyers  

Airports can make a difference for flyers. It will distinguish our experience before and after the travel. We have to know that the Airports Council International (ACI) in Montreal surveyed 550,000 flyers in more than three hundred airports around the world. This is in search of the best airport in the world that provides total passenger satisfaction.


ACI named the award Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards. According to the results, Incheon International Airport in South Korea got the highest score for passenger satisfaction. The criteria include check-in, access, dining, airport facilities, retail and many more. Here are the results of the survey:

  • Seoul Incheon
  • Singapore
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai Pudong
  • Hong Kong


We saw that Changi airport took the second place. However, a similar survey conducted by The Guide to Sleeping in Airports revealed that based on factors like convenience, comfort and cleanliness, Changi Airport is the number one.

ASQ also gave commendations to other airports. In North America, best airports include Indianapolis, Tampa, Jacksonville, Sacramento and Ottawa. In Europe, best airports include Keflavik (Iceland), Moscow Sheremetyevo, Porto, Malta and Zurich. In Asia Pacific, best airports include Seoul Incheon, Singapore, Beijing, Haikou and New Delhi.

For land travellers, this seems not important but for frequent flyers, the airport can make or break their travel (apart from the airline of course). It is useful to know this so when it is time for us to travel, we will know what to expect and we will be excited about it. At the end of the day, what matters most is the place where we are going.



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