The Importance of Learning the English Language

English language has been used by many people around the globe. In fact, English is the universal language. It has been used by several countries, o communicate effectively and easily without the help of a hmqn translator. English is quite hard to learn but it is needed since it is very helpful in all aspects. In Singapore, there is the language that they call Singlish (a combination of Singaporean and English language). Since it is not pure English, many tourists are having a hard time communicating to locals. However, there are only few people who cannot speak the language.


On the other hand, English is the language that binds all nations around the planet. Therefore,  there is really a need to study the language. Here are some reasons:

  • Even though English is the global language, it is not the most spoken dialect in the world. Nevertheless, it is the official language of many nations. Because of this, many countries all over the globe takes advantage on the financial stability that the language can give. There is a need to study English because nowadays, there are a lot of businessmen who are dedicated to pursue a business in connection to English.

study and learn

  • There are a bunch of magazines, books and films that uses the English language. And to understand more about the movie or perhaps the story in a book, there is a need to learn English.
  • In today’s Internet era, English is the most common language. As a matter of fact , most of the ads and write-ups on the web are written in English.


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